Jess, Pat and the whole staff at Mizata made everyone on the trip feel so comfortable and welcome. The rooms, the food and drinks (THE COFFEE), the yoga shala, the pools, the scenery, and the people were all exceptional. The journey from the airport to Mizata was easy and efficient and there’s not much better than checking in, dropping your bags in your room and immediately settling into your personal hammock with ocean views. Some of us came on the retreat for the yoga, some of us came for the surfing, but everyone showed up and had fun trying new things, developing new friendships, and spending time immersed in the adventure, personal growth, and some good old fashioned relaxation. I personally came mostly for the yoga and enjoyed daily (sometimes twice daily) yoga sessions with Jess. I appreciated the hands on, individual approach she took to coaching me through different progressions of poses and providing me specific guidance on how to safely and confidently get into new inversions. Jess’ true teaching talent and experience comes through in her ability to cue through an advanced sequence of poses without losing the beginners in the class. She is very attentive, and tailored our classes to what we were most interested in focusing on. There’s no getting around it, an international retreat is a large expense regardless of where you go or who the organizer is, but if you’re going to go on one and have it be worth your money for the experience, you should go on a retreat organized by Jess and Pat for a truly seamless and enjoyable experience. Had the time of my life, looking forward to the next trip already :)
By Natalie Turco for 7 Day Yoga, Surf & Adventure in El Salvador on May 06, 2023
By far best trip I’ve ever been on. Resort was absolutely beautiful. The rooms were very comfortable and every single one had their own great view. Jess and Patrick were such amazing hosts. They ran the trip so smoothly that every part seemed perfect. Such cool, fun, kind and loving people. Also the other people who attended were awesome! Everyone was so cool we all vibed so well it felt like I was on vacation with best friends. Food was off the hook. Everything is so natural and delicious. Surfing of course unbelievable. Honestly can’t express how much I enjoyed this trip in words. Can not wait to do it again!
By Thomas Setteducato for 7 Day Yoga, Surf & Adventure in El Salvador on May 03, 2023
If this trip has piqued your interest in any way, it will exceed your expectations by a million times. Jess and Patrick create the most magical retreat where you are surrounded by a supportive community of friends and receive excellent instruction at any level for all of the activities, like yoga and surfing, to enjoy what your body can do for you. I promise that you will surprise yourself!! I did not know anyone going into this trip, but left with some of the hardest belly laughs and soul satisfying experiences. I also cannot get over the food and how fresh and amazing everything was. What is truly unique about this experience is the planning and preparation that is put into it by Jess and Patrick so that you do not worry about one single thing while you are there, and I mean not a thing! It was truly the trip of a lifetime and I still cannot get over how perfect everything was :) thank you Jess and Patrick for making my life better and re-sparking the search for adventure in my life <3
By Kendall Rooney for 7 Day Yoga, Surf & Adventure in El Salvador on May 02, 2023