What an absolutely breathtaking, calming, blissful, relaxing and enjoyable experience through and through. Brooke and Jodye really know how to take care of you - especially with all of the unpredictable things that come with travel (missing flights, shuttles, etc)! They were so communicative, informative and organized when it came to having all the information necessary for planning. They immediately helped us book a hotel in San Jose our first night in Costa Rica after we missed our flight from Miami to Costa Rica after running all the way across the airport terminal. And a new shuttle for the next day! On top of that, Casa Firefly was the perfect safe haven away and an environment to foster growth through all the workshops included. The staff was so welcoming and food was absolutely delicious. The meal selections and cost were at a very good price. The connections made while meeting people from all different areas really were the icing, filling and glue to the cake itself of this trip! And together we all got to experiencing the wonders of this beautiful location. I will always treasure this unforgettable experience and can't wait to travel with Jodye and Brooke again!
By Hannah D for Celebrate New Year's in Costa Rica With Brooke & Jodye, Dec 28-Jan 3 on Jan 16, 2024
While I'm a regular global traveler, this was my first retreat/yoga retreat/organized group travel experience, and it far exceeded my expectations. Jodye and Brooke are so good at what they do. They are both incredibly organized and thoughtful individuals but they also go with the flow --- these are necessary skills when traveling and it really set a peaceful tone for me. The experience was equally organized yet flexible, adventurous yet relaxing and rejuvenating, curated yet tailored to the experience I personally wanted to have. Just a few of the things I loved about this retreat: a print-out itinerary (everything optional!) upon arrival with additional information about add-on opportunities, the fact that they checked in regularly with the group to see how folks felt about doing different activities and also reiterated regularly that everything was optional, and the opportunities to do fun add-ons or just chill, traveling to a lesser-known/less touristy part of the country. Jodye and Brooke also planned intentional mindfulness exercises that made the experience transformative. It is really hard to describe a retreat with Jodye and Brooke; all I can say is JUST GO FOR IT. You will not be sorry you said yes. In short, it was an incredible experience and I cannot wait to travel with them again.
By Aubrey W for Start the New Year in Costa Rica With Brooke & Jodye, Jan 4-10, 2024 on Jan 13, 2024
What a great way to end 2023 and kick off 2024. I met a fantastic group of yoga minded people to explore Costa Rica with. The activities had a good balance of touring and time to relax at the resort. I appreciated always having a choice that fitted with what I needed. Excellent food and beautiful surroundings! Highly recommend Casa Firefly and Jodye & Brooke organized yoga retreat!
By Fiona W for Celebrate New Year's in Costa Rica With Brooke & Jodye, Dec 28-Jan 3 on Jan 13, 2024