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I am still basking in the sienna afterglow of the Umbrian hillside!! This trip was incredible!! Julie and Karen were amazing and our practice in the peaceful setting of Locanda de Gallo was spectacular. We grazed on fabulous farm to table meals with fresh ingredients from Fabrizio’s garden, saw the most breathtaking sights in neighboring Gubbio and Assisi and most of all met the fabulous women to share the experience with! Can’t wait for our next journey together!! Namaste🧘‍♀️❤️❤️
By Paula M for 💚🤍❤️La Bella Vita: Life is Good! Idyllic Yoga Retreat, Umbria, Italy on 13 Sep, 2022
Namaste Paula, we were so thrilled to meet you and to share this little slice of Italy with you! Thank you for not only joining us, but also for adding such a joy for life. We are SUPER excited to be seeing you again soon on our next retreat together! 💜 💜 🧘🏽
By Julie and Karen Retreats on 13 Sep, 2022
Fantastic experience in every way! Accommodations, food, yoga and the group exceeded expectations. Highly recommend!
By Joanne G for La Bella Vita💚🤍❤️Life is Good! 7 nights Yoga retreat Umbria, Italy on 07 Sep, 2022
Thank you, Joanne, we’re so happy you enjoyed our retreat so much! Thank you for adding your special energy to our group, we loved our time together.
By Julie and Karen Retreats on 09 Sep, 2022
This experience was more than I could have ever hoped for. The B&B was perfect! Location, accommodations, property, staff!! I Immediately felt comfortable and like home. The meals were farm to table and staff was wonderful. The excursions were fun and amazing experiences. Yoga space was beautiful and the yoga practice and meditations were wonderful. I met women that will be life long friends. It is clear the time that Karen & Julie put into planning this perfect retreat!
By Lisa R for La Bella Vita💚🤍❤️Life is Good! 7 nights Yoga retreat Umbria, Italy on 05 Sep, 2022
Lisa, the best phrase in your beautiful review of our incredible Italy retreat, was, “I met women that will be life long friends”. Karen and I are inspired and grateful for how our retreats initiate true connections and friendships for life. Thank you for contributing your joy-filled spirit to our retreat. For one hour, why not :)
By Julie and Karen Retreats on 06 Sep, 2022