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An amazing trip! Not only was Peter a wealth of information about the invasion of Normandy, but the surrounding areas as well. Getting the history from the point of view of several locals who still maintained family estates made things come to life for me. It was a great trip with great accommodations and food, and best of all people. Thank you Peter and Candy for making this a trip of a lifetime!
By Nancy S for Virginians to Normandy - May 2024 on May 26, 2024
This was an historical tour commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day. The detailed planning was impeccable and every event or commemoration was well-planned, executed with the French and with our trip leader. I so enjoyed our 12 days together and had the opportunity to visit my Dad's landing beach and monument.
By Donna C for Virginians to Normandy - May 2024 on May 16, 2024
Dear Donna, We are delighted you had this opportunity and that you got to share it with your grandson. Pete C is a wonderful tour leader and is an expert in his field. We look forward to seeing you on another trip in the future.
By EDU Trips on May 17, 2024
My wife and I both rate this trip as 10/10. My initial concern was that my wife would be bored while I nerded out on DDay history, however she was enthralled by leader Peter C's explanations and site choices. We thought the schedule was perfectly balanced: the learning pace was steady however there was ample time to enjoy the beautiful and historic town of Bayeux and environs. Peter is well networked in the local community, and it was humbling to witness the sincere appreciation of the local Norman townspeople. This is an exceptional experience for anyone with an interest in history, and an all-around superior value.
By Joe S for Virginians to Normandy - May 2024 on May 14, 2024