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If you really want to know about D-Day and what was really happening during World War II this trip is for you. Pete is a wealth of information when it comes to the history, but also the military background to provide context of what led up to D-Day, and the days and weeks that followed. You'll have a chance to visit places most don't during a trip to Normandy, and really have a chance to meet and engage with local people. The trip is extremely well organized with plenty to keep you busy but also enough downtime in the evening to enjoy the town. I can absolutely see myself traveling with this group again in the future.
By Sarah G for Virginians to Normandy - May 2023 on May 23, 2023
Thus was a wonderful trip led by a knowledgeable historian, Pete Combee. If folks want to learn more about the rich WWII history in this area, then this trip is perfect for them. Great accommodations in Paris and Bayeux. Kate Coffey at EDU trips was very helpful too! She’s top notch
By Colleen G for Virginians to Normandy - May 2023 on May 18, 2023
What an amazing trip! Pete does a wonderful job of bringing the Normandy invasion to life. Knowing what museums to visit and balancing our time with military information as well as other sites and activities. Our group was a pleasure to travel with. Our accommodations were very nice and we loved the town of Bayeux-a great hub for all our excursions and filled with wonderful restaurants. Taking part in events that I'm sure not all tour groups get to do just made this the trip of a lifetime.
By Diane F for Virginians to Normandy - May 2023 on May 18, 2023