My group and I had a blast. The trip from top to bottom was wonderful. Planned, organized, and everything went smoothly. I was inspired to travel more... if its only like this. Looking forward to our next dentation.
By Akilah B for Body Werk FitCation on Jun 30, 2024
This was a trip of a lifetime. We had some issues with the agency in Egypt, but not Langford.
By Alison D for Alison Disney - Egypt 2023 on Nov 07, 2023
Thank you Alison! I am so pleased you and Pamilla had a wonderful experience. I look forward to planning for you in the future. All the best. Markgetta Langford Travel, LLC
By LANGFORD TRAVEL LLC on Nov 08, 2023
The trip was great , but I made the best of it. I can't say much about the travel agent. Langford travel. First I did not receive itinerary for trip til the week before we left. My roommate received her itinerary. I reached out to travel agent after checking my emails and spam folder. No itinerary. She said she sent them out. No she sent my roommate one. We both paid separately I don't get my own itinerary? Next we arrive with problems with out transportation to hotel. Then we get to the hotel and neither one of our names is on reservation. We have confirmation number for 2 people. Reservation was under Mark Williams and address in Indianapolis. Neither one of us. The manager was able to add our name to the room. Two single females traveling out of state and no record of our name on reservation. We have documents to confirm it. To me the travel agent did a very poor job. When I emailed her, she was so negative with her replies. That was unacceptable. She should have gone back to confirm what she did was correct. We ask and checked several times. Our names were no where to be found on reservation. Our name was added to the room only after showing our ID. I do not ever want to deal with Langford travel again. Her negative replies made me very upset. As I mentioned I have documents when we checked in and when we checked out. Neither of our name is listed. Perhaps Mark Williams from Indianapolis should pay for the vacation that is the only name listed.
By Marcia W for Executive Travel Club on May 13, 2023
We are thrilled to hear your trip was great although you did not enjoy your travel agent. We make every effort to ensure our travelers have a complete all-around enjoyable experience and understand not all personalities "gel" together. The details matter to us and even when things (such as vendors/hotels receiving and transmitting travelers' information) are out of our control, we do our best to make things right. We are happy your accommodations were worthy of you spending 6 days in Puerto Rico and were enjoyable nonetheless.
By LANGFORD TRAVEL LLC on Jul 21, 2023