Past Trips


Incredible 5 days of learning and growing surrounded by an abundance of love and support from everyone there. It was even better than the first theta class and Laura knows just how to mix in learning with receiving during her retreats. An unforgettable experience and looking forward to attending more!
By Kimi W for Nurtue Your Wisdom 3 or 5 Day Thetahealing® Retreat / Seminar on Nov 22, 2022
Thank you Kimi. What a treasure to have you there for a second time. The energy you exude is magical, and I look forward to interacting in this healing realm with you for years to come.
By Laura Perkins Mindful Living on Nov 30, 2022
it was an amazing transformational experience. Laura is an exceptional spiritual Teacher & Host. Nourishment on all Levels of Body mind & soul!
By Konstantinos Angelos G for Nurtue Your Wisdom 8 Day Greece Mindful Living and Yoga Immersion on Nov 01, 2022
Angelos to have you participate with your sound healing and with your curious heart was a beautiful thing to witness. Thank you for all you brought to the space, including Alexandria.
By Laura Perkins Mindful Living on Mar 18, 2023
Do yourself a favor, and just say yes to this offering. It is far more than anything you can expect from a wellness retreat. Every facet of this immersion is delicately thought out and expertly delivered. Laura creates an environment that allows you to soften and explore your inner world. Give yourself a true gift and experience this immersion for yourself, you’re worthy!
By Claudia E for Nurtue Your Wisdom 8 Day Greece Mindful Living and Yoga Immersion on Oct 10, 2022
Claudia thank you for the kind and thoughtful words. Your ability to be present for yourself and others is truly a gift and a marvelous thing to watch. I am happy you gifted yourself Greece.
By Laura Perkins Mindful Living on Mar 18, 2023