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Excellent organization and welcoming group - Thank you to Harriette, Pleasance and Tina!
By Anita H for Legacy Trip Alabama: Jewish Edition with Kohenet Dr. Harriette E Wimms on May 10, 2024
We are so glad you joined us!
By Legacy Trips on May 12, 2024
This was a masterfully planned and facilitated trip. The majority of the weekend is self-guided, which is necessary, but Tina scaffolds you before each experience. She gave us general topics to discuss during informal meals, and guiding principals to keep in mind before moving through the museum and memorial, in addition to leading reflections afterwards. For me, her guidance deepened my time and made each portion of the weekend more impactful. Also, I really appreciate the thoughtfully curated pre and post work. I felt much more prepared for the trip because of it and am so grateful that there are resources to help integrate the work and continue connecting with others afterwards. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
By Katie L for Legacy Trip Alabama with Tina Strawn on Nov 05, 2023
Katie, thank you for your kind and generous words and review of your experience with us on our 19th Legacy Trip! We look forward to continuing this work and staying in community with you!
By Legacy Trips on Nov 07, 2023
What a transformational experience. Thank you Tina for guiding us through such a thoughtfully planned and executed Legacy Trip. The museum and memorial were eye opening and walking over the bridge in Selma crystalized for me how I can make personal changes to be a better ancestor. And I now have bigger network of women who will hold me accountable to making these changes. Words don't do it justice - THANK YOU!!
By Elizabeth S for Legacy Trip Alabama with Tina Strawn on Oct 18, 2023
Thank you Elizabeth for coming and for being willing to learn and grow and be vulnerable and accountable with us!
By Legacy Trips on Nov 07, 2023