the sounds of magic river in the nigths, stars and moon. clouds of imagination and waking up in the nature itself. Epic rapids, so much fun in the day, adventure, joy and happiness. what a crew, so profesionals, so nice, so cool. I re-learn that nature is the source of all benefits and this experience takes you in such unique prestige places... EPIC TRIP!!!
By Nicolàs L for Art + Conservation Coast 2 Coast / Marañón Waterkeeper trip on Oct 25, 2023
A fantastic and unforgettable experience which we would definitely recommend to do, if you're looking for an authentic Peruvian adventure! Amazing nature and unexpected extraordinary food. The guides are great, easy going and knowledgable. Go for it!
By Jesse v for Grand Canyon of the Marañón, Andes to Amazon on Oct 22, 2023
Got way more out of this trip than expected. Rapids were pretty mellow (170 m3/s in August) and the weather was perfect, but it was the cultural experiences that made this trip special. Luigi and Vera were awesome guides and cooks and were loved by all locals. They really made this trip an incredible experience. Thanks guys. I hope we get to boat (or Mtn bike) together again someday!
By Oliver S for Logan McDaneld - Row your Own Heart of the Marañón FINAL PAYMENT on Aug 31, 2023
Thank you so much Oliver! Was a pleasure to share this trip with you and your awesome crew! Samewise, hope we get to adventure together sometime in the future!
By Marañón Experience on Sep 08, 2023


Luigi and his team were amazing! We enjoyed a 3 night and 4 day adventure in the Marañon River in Peru. It was my first time rafting and I felt really save under his guidance. They customized the tour for us, since it was our honey moon. It was an adventure of a lifetime with so many beautiful memories! You’ll be deep in the nature, contemplating mesmerizing sunsets, wildlife and welcoming communities. Thank you, Luigi and team!
By Paula M on 22 Apr, 2023
We had a marvelous time on the river with Maranon Experience!!! I can think of no one better to adventure with down this magical river. Maranon Experience has a deep love for the river and works tirelessly to keep it free flowing (Rio Libre). This is a journey that cannot be missed!!! Such a wonderful experience.
By Elsa K on 14 Apr, 2023