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Melissa Renzi
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About Me

I'm a trauma-informed yoga teacher, social worker, and highly sensitive person. I'm passionate about helping others heal anxiety and trauma while cultivating authentic self-love. I find that stepping outside of our comfort zone and into union with nature is one of the most powerful ways to do this. When I'm not yoga-ing and introverting, you can find me hiking, salsa dancing, scuba diving, crosswording, reading, and cooking creative concoctions in my kitchen. I'm a lifelong learner and love discovering new people and places.


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This was a fantastic experience. Melissa did a wonderful job of taking care of details, and communicating with the group. We had plenty of time to participate in group activities, and have quiet time for meditation as well. I would certainly consider another retreat with Melissa. Thank you!
Melissa, Awesome trip! I’ve been trying to describe my experience to people at home but words can not do it justice. Everyone should experience the beauty of Peru and it’s people. I am so thankful to have shared this trip with my closest friends and meeting new friends. I am looking forward to our next adventure!
Melissa is a very kind, compassionate person who is really good at what she does. For my first time traveling alone, I was in good hands. It was such a beautiful and peaceful retreat. Everyone accepted one other and you could just. be. I gained a lot of insight from the discussions which allowed me to reflect on myself in a kinder way. I would say I’m hooked on traveling now :) The incredible sights, the spirituality, the happiness and kindness of strangers — I loved it all. I’m realizing the benefits when you make the choice to travel in unfamiliar territory, you’re not quite the same person as when you first left. And that’s invaluable. Sometimes the desire is much greater than the fear. I recommend this retreat for new travelers as well as more experienced. You won’t regret it!
I had a great time! The food was delicious, the scenery was AMAZING, and the company was extraordinary! Thank you Melissa for creating such an amazing retreat! I am looking forward to joining you on another one in the future.
Thank you Melissa!!! Amazing, reviving, rejuvenating experience. Melissa is so caring, kind, and genuinely cares about everyone having a wonderful time on the trip (which we did!!) Excellent tour seeing all the sights in the Sacred Valley. Wonderful meditation and yoga in the mornings and thought provoking discussions in the evenings. I highly recommend Melissa and am looking forward to attending another one of her retreats in the future!!