This is my second trip with Melissa and was exactly what I needed! A beautiful location, the ability to choose my level of engagement, interesting food and lovely people made for a wonderful retreat. Melissa & Steph provided and created a welcoming atmosphere that let me relax after several years of high-intensity pressures. I cannot thank them enough for all of their work in putting this together and leading the group! Thank you! I will definitely be joining a future HSP & Introvert retreat.
By Katherine B for Portugal Retreat for HSPs & Introverts on Oct 04, 2023
Melissa was a perfect guide for our HSP community. She went above and beyond to provide a fantastic experience. Many of us would not have dared taken on this adventure into a foreign country where we do not speak the language without a guide we could trust. Melissa brought us together for a life-changing opportunity to soak in the beauty, recharge and relax, and connect to the rich culture and people of Guatemala. I would highly recommend Melissa's retreats for introverts and highly-sensitive people who want the joy of travel and the security of a great guide who has their best interests at heart.
By Stefany R for Guatemala Cultural Retreat for Introverts & HSPs on Jan 25, 2023
This retreat was exceptionally well-organized, and all events and accomodations were top notch. Melissa's leadership and concern for our well-being and enjoyment was always evident. Every day was a positive, enriching and rewarding experience.
By Elizabeth H for Guatemala Cultural Retreat for Introverts & HSPs on Jan 23, 2023