This workshop organised by Melissa and facilitated by Omkari was really special. As HSPs we all care so much about social causes given our high sensitivity and empathy. At the same time, we often feel overwhelmed and discouraged from the very start about where to start from, or simply not brave, loud, courageous enough to make a real difference. Omkari gave us so many tools, reassurance and guidance about how to get started, and about the importance of thinking big while starting small, because every cause needs different types of people playing different roles, so there is no better way than getting started and believing that the difference will be made through our passion and care. Thanks Melissa and Omkari for such a valuable session.
By Ale C for Sustainable Activism for Introverts & HSPs on 17 Nov, 2022
I have attended a couple of fantastic virtual retreats with Melissa, in Guatemala and Peru, during lockdown, and also a heavenly retreat in person in Portugal. The common denominator across all the retreats organised by Melissa is her attentive, caring, fun, and professional with warmth approach that cascades down to any group she leads and to the partners she works with. Melissa puts everyone at ease and in the right mindset to have the best time. In this retreat we had such a great time experiencing from the distance the amazing work that Anita does with local women in her community on the lake Atitlan, cooking and weaving textiles. We were even brought to the market to pick the fresh ingredients! And then we did learn about Mayan remedies with Genoveva, that was mind-blowing and so interesting. Thanks Melissa, Anita and Genoveva. It was such a memorable travel experience despite being still on the sofa.
By Ale C for Guatemala Virtual Visit w/ Geno & Anita on 17 Nov, 2022
Melissa is excellent at providing a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat for her guests. She is thoughtful, planful and flexible with many different personalities and lifestyle needs of her guests. I appreciate her calmness and consideration to circumstances that arise as well as her willingness to be transparent with the group. She has always been a soul I enjoy connecting with and learning from her. Although this was my first Women's Retreat, I would recommend her experience as a "must-do" for anyone open to adventure and making new memories, while traveling abroad with a group. She is very special guide and leader. It is rare that there are still individuals like her that invest so much in the happiness of others. I am grateful for the chance to travel with her.
By Michele P for Portugal Women's Retreat on 23 Oct, 2022