This was one of the best trips I've ever taken. The connections I formed and the HSP tools I learned have made my life richer. I've already signed up for another retreat!
By Deborah A for North Carolina HSP & Introvert Retreat on Jun 23, 2024
This retreat was truly spectacular — an enlightening experience surrounded by wonderful souls, nature, and a place where you will find comfort in building bonds, creating connections, and forging friendships. You will share laughter and tears, find rest and rejuvenation, enjoy a variety of activities at your own pace, share experiences and connect with others, gain confidence and inner strength, and teach each other while learning so much more. Most importantly, you will be accepted, and you will be heard for the true self that you are, and you will feel welcomed in being your quirky self without judgement. The time and thought Melissa puts into planning these retreats — the locations, group size, lodging arrangements, planned activities/free time, the meals, the ecotherapy sessions, the environmental impact, the timing, etc. speaks high volumes of her as a person — she is an HSP with an open heart, she is always available to listen, and her kindness always shines through. I highly recommend you go on one of Melissa’s retreats, and if you have any hesitation, reach out to her, and I’m certain you’ll be excitedly packing your bags before you know it.
By Danay D for North Carolina HSP & Introvert Retreat on Jun 20, 2024
I had an enjoyable, fun time. We learned so much about ourselves and nature with Melissa’s guidance. The accommodations were very good and the food and staff were also good. I look forward to participating in another Retreat that Melissa facilitates in the future.
By Doreen R for North Carolina HSP & Introvert Retreat on Jun 12, 2024