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This was the most amazing trip of my life. I celebrated my 78th birthday in Ghana. Daniel Okoe Okpoti was an incredible guide, protector and negotiator for our sales transactions. Monica, his wife, sent us a questionnaire to ascertain what our interests were, and where we wanted to go. Some of us were there for seven days, some for 11 days and some for three weeks. H.I.M. tours managed to accommodate all of our desires.. we even took an unscheduled day trip to Kumasi, where they make kente cloth and Adinkra symbols. It was a wonderful wonderful day. Daniel got great prices for the exchange rate, which was 11.88 cidis to $1., on our first day. The second day we went to the seamstress to be measured and then to buy fabric. Daniel, made sure that our clothes would be ready by the time we left. We stayed at great hotels. The food at all of the restaurants was delicious. Daniel gave us a true picture of Ghanaian culture and history. He is passionate about sharing Ghanian history with us, which I greatly appreciated. We went to the compounds and visited with real people., not just the usual tourist attractions. My cousins celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with a Ghanaian renewal ceremony. It was a wonderful experience. Daniel even planned for drummers and dancers as we entered and exited the compound for the wedding ceremony. This was an unexpected surprise to the bride and groom. The people were gracious and hospitable, and even provided lunch for us. We were welcomed warmly, and instructed that we were now family. I’d love to go back for my 80th birthday. H.I.M. Tours went above, and beyond anything we could have imagined. If you’re considering visiting Ghana, I highly recommend H.I.M. Tours. You will not regret it. Daniel’s and Monica, job well done. ❤️ ***Note:: ladies wear, skirts or dresses. Trust me! Phyllis Bell Atlanta, Georgia USA
By Phyllis B for Tricia Elam Group Tour - 7 days, 10 days, 20 days on Oct 30, 2023
As the leader of this trip, I am VERY pleased with the caliber of service provided by HIM Tours. While this was my 4th trip to Ghana (2000, 2006, 2019), I worked with HIM Tours diligently for months to ensure that it was a life-transforming experience for the 23 family members, friends and friends of friends who joined me in celebration of my BIG 7-0. Based on comments shared with me throughout the tour and in our What’s App chat even since it ended, the vast majority of the travelers LOVED the trip. Although there were a few missteps when moving 24 people around a large portion of Ghana, I still recommend HIM Tours with enthusiasm! The luxurious Kempinksi Hotel in Accra with its fabulous buffets and the elegant Oak Plaza Suites in Kumasi were outstanding accommodations. The rustic Coconut Grove Beach Resort was beautifully-situated on the shores of the majestic Atlantic Ocean, but we were disappointed with the poor quality of the rooms and HIM Tours will be in touch with the management to share our concerns. HIM Tours was extremely accommodating of our large group and worked overtime to ensure that our expressed needs were met. I am grateful that travelers had life-transforming experiences and made new friends for a lifetime!
By Debra W for ABEN in Ghana on Aug 02, 2023
My wife and I just returned from Ghana this past weekend. ABEN in Ghana afforded us a great opportunity to see Ghana the ten days we vistied with a group of 22. Our host and guides Monica Utsey and Daniel Okoe Okpoti were really hands on with the group and prepared to give us the best expirence a first timer could expect. The hotel accomodations were great and the food was fresh and tasty. The Botanical gardens in the Eastern region was such beautiful eye opening, informational, and an enlightening expierence. Our guide was so knowledgeable. He shared so much valuable information about every aspect of the natural resources that plants, trees, and flowers which produce so many healing properties. Our guide informed us that he was a graduate of the University of Ghana and that his studies was Bontany. It really showed. We also we visited the home and museum of Dr. W.E. B. Du Bois. We visited Kume Nkrumah museum, we went to Kumasi, we visited the place of our ancestors grave; we walked the path and marched to the river where our ancestors took their last bath before the trecherous and inhumane walk to be sold and transported. We stepped into the same river to bath as free people of the Diaspora. We were able to write our names on the wall of rememberance. We visited in Cape Coast to visit the salve dungeons. We visited Ntonso to deliver school supplies to the children and make our on stoles with Andrinka symbols. We visited the Kente Cloth factory and purchase various items. We visited NaKum National Park. We hiked and walked across seven bridges over the rain forest. Of course we were provided the opportunity to see the largest market in the world. We shopped and also had garments personally prepared by professional seamstress and talior. ABEN in Ghana is the way to see the country in a warm and personable way. Okoe and Monica made us to feel comfortable and confident throughout the tour and visit. Last but not least, we were part of a naming ceremony. My wife Mattie and I also renewed our wedding vows at the ceremony. My new name is Michael Anthony Johnson NII OKPOTI. Thank you ABEN in Ghana.
By Michael J for ABEN in Ghana on Aug 02, 2023