This was an absolutely beautiful retreat. Lucia and Elena were the sweetest guides and yoga with Audra was absolutely amazing. Everything was curated for a very intimate, non-touristy experience that really allowed us to escape from the chaos of the world and fully immerse ourselves in the retreat. The activities chosen were a perfect match for the vibe of the trip. The resort was beautiful- definitely spend the money on the upgraded ocean front room, it was worth every penny. Juan, one of the staff members at the hotel took great care of us and made sure we had everything we needed while at the resort. The food was super fresh and healthy- everything was absolutely delicious. 10/10 recommend this retreat!
By Hanna J for 5 days of yoga in Tulum Caribbean beach discovering the Mayan Cenotes on May 01, 2024
Hey Hanna, Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. We are so delighted to hear that you have enjoyed the Mudra experience and thrilled that the retreat was for you an escape from the chaos of the world out there. Our aim is to give our guests the possibility to disconnect from their day-to-day life and immerse themselves in the Mudra experience and we are really happy when our guests find this dimension, it makes us feel accomplished, we have reached our goal!! Thank you so much for being our guests and hopefully we can see you again in one of our retreats in the near future. With love and gratitude, Mudra Retreats
By Mudra Retreats on May 03, 2024
Enjoyed every minute of this retreat! Our hostesses Elena and Lucia made sure everything was perfect and made us feel very welcome. The resort was an absolutely idyllic place right on the beach surrounded by jungle. Our yoga instructor, Audra, always seemed to know exactly what we needed in each practice and made each session meaningful. The food was incredibly good - I don’t think I’ve ever had fruit that delicious anywhere and the meals were healthy and delicious and so fresh. The staff of the hotel was very helpful and welcoming. The cenotes were breathtaking and provided a gorgeous spot to practice yoga and swim. Can’t wait to book my next retreat with Mudra!
By Chanda C for 5 days of yoga in Tulum Caribbean beach discovering the Mayan Cenotes on Apr 23, 2024
Dear Chanda, we are delighted to hear that you enjoyed every aspect of our retreat: the resort, the yoga, the food and above all the cenote experience and it is always our pleasure to hear that our guests leave our retreat fully satisfied, with memories they will treasure and with the feeling they want to come back again. This gives a sense of joy that we have accomplished our mission, which is making people welcome and happy. Thank you so much for choosing our retreat and hopefully we will see you again in one of our retreats in the neat future. With love and gratitude, Mudra Retreats
By Mudra Retreats on Apr 23, 2024
My Love letter to Mudra... I just returned from the April 17th-21st retreat in Tulum, and I am basking in the afterglow. An immense thank you to Lucia, Elena, Audra, & Roberto....the whole Mudra team, for cultivating such a magical, spiritual, and life changing experience. It is difficult to convey into words the gift they give by sharing with you what they feel in this very special place. Thank you for the shift in perspective and thank you for the healing. The yoga practices lead by Audra in the Cenotes were magical. The private time in the cenote Chukum, with the cacao ceremony and sound bath, followed by the private time to swim and cleanse my soul in the sacred waters was particularly powerful. I felt very connected with the divine universe. What an absolutely unique experience that has changed me forever and I will never forget it. Whether you are looking for a healing experience, (as I was), or you are just looking for a well cultivated, unique, one-of-a-kind experience that will feed your soul...THIS IS FOR YOU:)! Whether you consider yourself advanced, intermediate, or are just beginning on your yoga journey, THIS IS FOR YOU:)! Audra will craft an experience to suite your abilities and help to guide you. She is wonderful and certainly taught me new things that I will carry with me into my practice at home. The Tulum ecological preserve was incredible. PocNa had a lovely staff, amazingly delicious and fresh food, and a fantastic shabby chic beachy vibe. And being able to walk to the Tulum ruins from the resort was a big plus. I give immense thanks to the Mexican and to the Mayan people for their warm hospitality. Cheers to the fast new friends I made on this journey, I know we will see each other again.... Maybe next year with Mudra in Costa Rica:)!!! With all of my heart & soul, I am so grateful for my new Mudra family. Namaste Until we meet again! Besos!!!!
By AMBER T for 5 days of yoga in Tulum Caribbean beach discovering the Mayan Cenotes on Apr 22, 2024
Dear Amber, Thank you so much for your kind words. We are very delighted to hear that our Mudra experience has left you with such wonderful feelings and also with unique memories that you will treasure with you. When we put together this retreat, our aim was to create a retreat that can give people a good combination of yoga, healing, reconnecting with mother nature, discovering the beauties of this magic part of the world from its fresh and delicious food to the kindness of its people,, the sandy beaches, the lush vegetation and above the sacred cenotes, mystical place with the unique spiritual environment. We feel very emotional in reading your message, this was always our goal and we feel humble but also proud that we were able to convey all that. Thank you so much for coming and being our guest and we truly hope to meet you again in the near future. With love and profound gratitude, we wish you the best for the remainder of this year. Until next time. Mudra Retreats
By Mudra Retreats on Apr 22, 2024


Mudra Retreats have created a beautiful one of a kind experience with this retreat:) Lucia, Elena and Roberto were the kindest and most attentive organizers taking care of all the finest details! Could not beat the outings, the yoga sessions, the area of Tulum, the beaches, the group of friends we made, the "specialized" food for the GF allergy prone woman, and the Pocna resort. Would definitely recommend this yoga retreat (or anything from Mudra Retreats) in the future to anyone. This adventure was pure magic and exactly what I needed to reset this year in life! I will definitely be going on another adventure with Mudra Retreats in the future and would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
By Becky B on 30 Jan, 2024