This was a life changing trip. It was educational and recreational at the same time. Our tour guides were outstanding. Each day was filled with meaningful activities that were thoroughly enjoyable and memorable.
By Brigitta W for South Africa SLP & Audiology Journey- Dolores Battle and Kia Johnson on Jun 17, 2024
Brigitta, we are delighted to hear that you had a wonderful time in South Africa. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for joining this wonderful delegation.
By Nanda Journeys on Jun 17, 2024
This was a bucket list once in a lifetime trip and even though it was my 7 th trip with Nanda, it seemed to encompass all that Nanda Journeys is about- unique opportunities to see the world through a different lens by immersing in local communities, giving back, fun and service. This particular trip was unique in that we did separate treks for chimpanzees and gorillas- words cannot describe the hour you are up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. The food, hotels, and yes, even the bumpy bus rides to the remote lodges were all part of the experience. The Ugandan team and staff at all hotels went above and beyond! I highly recommend this adventure and you don’t have to be in Olympic shape- the porters were a huge help.
By Maura M for UGANDA - Gorilla & Chimpanzee Safari and Community Immersion on Jun 13, 2024
Maura, our wonderful Nanda advocate and dear friend. We are so happy to have been a part of this bucket list journey for you! Thank you for your kind words and for being a true global citizen and ambassador. I so enjoyed journeying with you and look forward to the next time. Nicola
By Nanda Journeys on Jun 14, 2024
Morocco is a fascinating place. Its history is rich and its people are friendly, warm, helpful and interested. I loved the energy of the various Medinas we visited. The food was healthy and delicious, and informed the experience of the culture. The majority of the hotels were truly amazing examples of Moroccan hospitality. The Sofitels in Marrakesh and Casablanca, unfortunately, left a lot to be desired, especially the one in Casablanca.
By Magaly M for Mental Health Journey to Morocco on Jan 25, 2024
Maggie, we are thrilled you enjoyed your journey to Morocco and thank you for continuing to travel with us on our career enrichment journeys. Having our Nanda family travel over and over again is such a joy for us and we so appreciate you. Thank you for the feedback on the hotels, this has been well received and will inform our future decisions. We are excited for Colombia!
By Nanda Journeys on Jan 26, 2024