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This was a wonderful trip. We accomplished business and were able to see and learn about South Africa. Our local guides were knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. This was my third trip with this group of people and my first time with Nanda. I look forward to more.
By Michael K for South Africa Financial Planning Journey on 23 Nov, 2022
Mike and Christy, we are thrilled to hear that the professional and cultural experiences were enjoyed! We are very fortunate to have wonderful leaders (Hari), great local partners, and amazing clients that engage in these experiences with excitement and vigor! Thank you for continuing to explore your profession and the world with Nanda Journeys, we are excited for 2023 and hope you'll be able to join us. With appreciation. Nicola
By Nanda Journeys on 23 Nov, 2022
This was a dream trip that I've had for 40 years, and the wait was worth it! Hotel accommodations, restaurants, in country travel were all top-notch. Events planned, such as Jeep safari in Highlands, boat ride on Loch Tay, whiskey tasting, were both informative and fun. Our tour guide gave us detailed historical descriptions of architecture, city life, universities, castles, village life, infrastructure, economic plans, environmental conservancy throughout the tour. There is so much more that I could say about Joan and the trip itself. Nanda Journeys did a fantastic job putting this trip together and responsive to our needs. This was my second trip with Nanda and I will gladly travel with them in the future.
By Joel D for Journey of Purpose & Discovery Scotland on 22 Nov, 2022
Joel, what a pleasure it is to read your note and to know we were part of a lifelong dream to visit Scotland! We are delighted it lived up to your expectations! Nanda means joy in Sanskrit, and we beam with pride every time we hear that our guests have had a joyful and happy experience! We are so very fortunate to have friends and travel partners around the world that care so deeply about our clients experience and also about the communities we visit, we know you saw that too in Peru! I hope you have some new pictures for your dental office, I wonder if the Highland Cow will make the cut? Thank you for your friendship, loyalty and advocacy, without which Nanda Journeys would not be possible. We look forward to adventuring with you in 2023!
By Nanda Journeys on 23 Nov, 2022
Maybe I'm a little biased (I was the Group Leader), but this was a really enjoyable trip! Loads to learn, see and do - and that's the point of these Study Tours. To broaden your mind and get a far better/deeper understanding of how/why things work in other countries. Can't wait until the next one!
By Hari M for South Africa Financial Planning Journey on 21 Nov, 2022
Hari, we are delighted to hear that everyone had an enjoyable journey and that it was a rewarding learning experience! Thank you for your leadership, support and advocacy, we couldn't do this without you! We are likewise very much looking forward to the next Financial Planning study journey! Nicola
By Nanda Journeys on 21 Nov, 2022