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I have to compare this trip to the Austria trip we went on with Nanda Journeys last year which was well organized, did not feel rushed, and felt like a vacation. there was nobody to receive at the airport when we arrived around 8:30 am Some people were there since 6;00 am when the van arrived he did not have enough room to fit us in the van it took him quite a while to get another vehicle. Having been on the plane overnight, we did not feel like going on a walking tour on day 1. The hotel staff was good and welcoming. we had to get up early morning to be ready to leave by 8:00 a.m. after having breakfast at 7 a.m. It felt like work rather than vacation. The guide had messed up with renting the vehicle on 2 occasions. On a positive note: Guide Hafsteinn was quite knowledgeable, entertaining, and very accommodating. We had to fill out the evaluation form and comment on our group leader on day 3 and then hand it over to him. It would be difficult to make any negative comments about him On Friday, August 25 dinner was on our own but we were driven to a food court which we did not find appealing, we could have been dropped at the hotel and explored our dinner on our own farewell Dinner at Stracta Bistro was good but the server could not bring the coffee to the table when asked he basically told us coffee is over there, and go and get it yourself. We did not find servers in the restaurants very warm As I mentioned before I am comparing this with Austria Mental Health with Nanda Journey last year which I will give 5 stars
By autar m for Iceland Mental Health Journey to Iceland with Tom Barrett on Aug 31, 2023
Autar thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with you. I am so sorry we missed the mark on a couple of things during your Iceland journey and I will reach out to you so we can talk in person and review the areas where it didn’t go as well as Austria. Looking forward to chatting with you, and thank you for your loyalty and support for our international programs. Nicola
By Nanda Journeys on Aug 31, 2023
An amazing experience exploring the wonders of Ancient Greece and the culture of music, food, countryside, and of course the warm and friendly people!
By William M for Music Education Journey to Greece with Dr Lynn Brinckmeyer on Jul 01, 2023
Bill, I am thrilled you enjoyed your Greek adventure. Thank you for your kinda words and for continuing to chose Nanda Journeys for your global adventures. Nicola
By Nanda Journeys on Jul 03, 2023
Traveling with this group each year is like traveling with family. Greece was another I can’t believe I’m standing here moment as we viewed ancient history in person! The landscape as we road to the villages was divine! We loved sampling all the cultural foods and the musical experiences we were given! A huge plus was having the same guide that was with us everyday. They are an automatic translator and knowledge bank as you explore and end up becoming an international friend.
By Sheri T for Music Education Journey to Greece with Dr Lynn Brinckmeyer on Jun 28, 2023
Sheri, it is an absolute delight for us creating the annual Music Delegation for your group! I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed Greece and thank you for your kind words and all of your wonderful updates on Facebook. Thank you! Stay tuned for Austria 2024! Nicola
By Nanda Journeys on Jun 30, 2023