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Hello, I am writing on behalf of me plus two, I asked everyone’s honest opinion, and this was what everyone came up with, this experience has been very different for us, we have mixed feelings, we missed two days due to delayed flights, and we do think we should have got more things compensated or some money back for things missed. However, as stated some things were compensated but for almost 7k, we never did the coffee tour, fruit tour, steps, etc. which all these services were paid for, not to mention the process to get any video or pictures are extremely longer than we anticipated, we are actually still waiting and we been home for a week, we voiced our concerns to Brandon our original tour guide, but after a small disagreement he linked us with other tour guides. Nonetheless, we had some good moments, we do believe Brandon tried to make up for the lack of missed days and services we missed, although, running a business is hard, we do think they could use a better communication method and organization skills, certain things we didn’t do because it wasn’t communicated to the new tour guide. We do believe if we didn’t have any disagreements that the trip would’ve been everything we’d imagined. Moving on, the first night Brandon paid for us to get inside the club, but we end up getting bottles and a section, he partied with us the first night. We actually enjoyed ourselves at the club, nice club might I add. We ate at a few restaurants that were super good thanks Brandon for the recommendations, if I had to rate the trip I’d say 6/10 but it had potential to be better but due to the circumstances, delayed flight, etc. we guess this was expected. The guy in our party didn’t do almost 3 days worth of stuff, so yes I do think that’s another reason why we did get a few meals compensated by Brandon, we missed two days, and the guy in a party got sick and couldn’t do much. We do believe we lost money in a way, but Brandon did try really hard to accommodate us. At times, we needed assistance and Brandon would contact us via WhatsApp and we would have to wait 30-60min for a callback which was communicated via WhatsApp I would have hated to have an emergency and have to wait so long for a callback. This company has work to do, but this could be a huge company if ran smoother. We would still refer them to people, we would just tell them to carefully read over everything before agreeing to prices as it is a bit pricey. The guy in our party missed helicopter ride, jet skies, few restaurants, museum, site seeing tour, etc….(which was almost everything we paid for) Plus two delayed days meaning we got quoted for a week worth of activities, but was only there for 5 days! Nonetheless, great experience just being in Columbia and learning their culture. Much love, Zotësi
By Kathy S for Zotësi Colombia BD trip for 3 | VIP | Medellin on Mar 15, 2022


Me and my friends had an amazing trip around Colombia with Onygotours last summer! They took care of everything: destinations, transportation, accommodation and even provided us with guides! They were also bery attentive to our requests, such as avoiding the plane whenever possible. Would definitely recommend!
By Jules M on 26 Aug, 2023
Highly recommended. As part of a group of 4 middle-aged men who visited Colombia in March, we had the pleasure of having booked Braulio from Onygotours to show us Medellin and make us wiser about the city and its history. This did a very professional, friendly and well prepared Braulio manage to the fullest. With well-planned day trips and great responsiveness to our wishes - and with a clearly big heart for conveying an impressive story - we felt very well treated and in safe hands in Braulio's company. He really managed to "sell" Colombia, Medellin, the culture and the local population in the best possible way. We are not done exploring this beautiful country. Five stars from Denmark.
By Michael B on 08 May, 2023
I don’t know where to start with how wonderful our experience was with Onygotours Colombia. Communication was easy and fast. All of our services were clearly explained prior to payment and every single detail that was presented was given. Service was above and beyond in every way. All guides are well educated and and are eager to answer questions about history and culture. We chose a variety of activities and was not disappointed with anything. The landscapes, the neighborhoods the food and drinks were so amazing. I can’t wait to visit Colombia again and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Braulio and his staff to others visiting Colombia!
By Angelique H on 14 Dec, 2021