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No words can describe the feeling of this retreat. It was exactly what I needed... and I didn't even know I needed it! I loved the "group therapy" session in the morning Loved the optional 1:1 coaching with Kathy and/or Mary Beth. I loved the food options and the hot Chef (LOL) Payton's dance and Mary Beth's yoga day "field trip!" were restorative and energizing. The hike was a little disappointing but I understand that I have higher expectations (ie , I was just in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy :-) The closing session was important and lovely, despite honestly being a little wiped out to "share" more, I know some people really needed it. I vacillated between loving all the sharing and conversations ... and needing breaks.... which is typical of my personality. I can "show up and share" and then I like to hide a little. My only suggestion would be an extra day with no organized activity. Sort of a "do what you want" day. It could be optional! People could fly home a day early if they want. But I would have loved a full day there with nothing planned. The retreat felt very whirlwind to me. I definitely was more tired than I would have liked (I was on West Coast time though ..) I get drained by sharing and listening to people share, not in a "bad" way per se but just in an "I'm done" kind of way. Like a vulnerability hangover or an empath's exhaustion. Does that make sense? Thankfully I had my own room to decompress. Overall it was an amazing experience!! You guys are the best!!
By Nutrition for Recovery for Grace Happens: Autumn Self-Care & Renewal in York Harbor on Nov 07, 2023
What a splendid time spent with 15 women on retreat at this lovely, 3 story home! The retreat consisted of 3 morning group workshops, R & R, yoga, dance/movement nearby at a lovely studio, fantastic nourishment from Chef Michael, walks, hikes, ocean visits and cold plunges, fireside chat, & more. It's just what I needed for a recharge. Well planned & executed. Thank you so much to the facilitators & the participants for enriching my recovery.
By Mary K for Grace Happens: Autumn Self-Care & Renewal in York Harbor on Oct 31, 2023
Thank you Mary. Was a gift to spend this time with you! XOX
By Payton on Nov 01, 2023
I felt welcomed and connected, love the venue and experience, food was delicious.
By Suzanne T for FEB 11-18.23 Return to Grace: Sun, Sea & Serenity on the Beach 2 on Feb 27, 2023
We are so glad you came Suzanne! Here's to many more retreat experiences! :)
By Payton on May 23, 2023