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Sweet Freedom Yoga Retreat
Sweet Freedom Yoga Retreat
Mandala Springs Wellness Retreat Center, 14117 Bottle Rock Road, Cobb, California
22 Jul, 2021
Baja Bhakti Flow Yoga Retreat
Baja Bhakti Flow Yoga Retreat
22973 Todos Santos, B.C., Mexico
16 Apr, 2022


We had a wonderful relaxing and transformative experience. The food was good, the accommodations very comfortable. The company and yoga was fantastic!
By Dr. Sarah G for Mandala Magic Retreat on 11 Nov, 2022
This was a wonderful and magical experience. Everyone on this trip seemed to have a great time. I would recommend this to anyone who loves yoga and wants to spend time with loving and caring people. The accomodations were so nice. I stayed in one of the cottages. The staff was very helpful and all of my yaga group were super friendly and happy. Begin Again!
By Julia M for Mandala Magic Retreat on 08 Nov, 2022
A truly magical experience. This retreat struck the right balance between relaxing and challenging activities (both for the body and mind). The team did a wonderful job at running things smoothly and the place was gorgeous. The highlight of the retreat was, of course, the people, and the friendly and cozy community we built by the end of it. Would definitely recommend it!
By Ibles O for Mandala Magic Retreat on 03 Nov, 2022