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Peter Walters
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I'm a human and a lover of life and breath! I teach yoga, ride motorcycles and search far and wide for sweet dogs to play with. I teach joyful and sweat vinyasa classes around San Francisco, and workshops and retreats around the world! I hope you will join me. Email me with any questions, or learn more at


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Nepal Trek + Flow
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Sailing through the Mediterranean and Aegean seas on beautiful wooden yachts with the most delightful group of humans. Eating all the feta and fresh baked breads, practicing yoga/swimming the day away. What more could one ask for? 10/10 would recommend.
What a joy and a privilege it is to go on a Peter Walters yoga retreat! Sail + Flow: Greek Islands was my 4th, so clearly i am a devoted fan. As promised, Peter takes us on amazing journeys to sacred places -- both inside and out. We did yoga in old churches, on ancient temple sites , in seaports and on the deck of our sailboat. Can you imagine om chanting under the starry, starry night sky from ancient, classical ruins? That's what we did! We jumped & swam from the boat to lava-heated pools or isolated island chapels. Hearing "Catch and Release" by Matt Simons -- celebrating light consciousness. How lucky are we?
This was my first Yoga Retreat and I can't wait for more! Peter and Alyssa are my two favorite yoga teachers so when they did a retreat together, I was immediately in! I love both their warm, positive, loving vibes and that emanated through out the retreat. Ratna Ling was magical - from the staff to the food and of course, the grounds. Loved this experience! 150/5 stars!
Peter & Alyssa were great retreat leaders. They thought through the entire weekend and built enough time in for everyone to have plenty of free time. Ratna Ling is a BEAUTIFUL place.
Wonderful! Beautiful, heartfelt practice, inspiring people, kick-ass food, in a lovely location. Peter and Lauren are pretty cool too I guess:)
Fantastic weekend getaway! Thank you, Lauren and Peter, for organizing such a wonderful experience all-around! It felt like a vacation! Mayacamas Ranch was excellent - beautiful setting in nature, clean and comfortable rooms, fresh and delicious plant-forward food, lots of quality time yoga, and great people! I liked that the days were not too structured, which gave everyone an opportunity to spend the weekend in the way that appealed to them. You could go hiking around the property, spend time by the (beautiful) pool, explore nearby Calistoga, read/write, and/or socialize with new friends!
This was an awesome trip, hands down. I didn't expect it to be as wonderful as it was, even though I knew it was going to be in Hawaii, even though I knew Nat (who assisted Peter, the teacher, with music & instruction) was awesome, etc. It was still better than what I could imagine! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience. It truly lived up to its name!
This retreat was a healing and transformational experience. Peter tenderly led us through our daily practices, challenging us to find strength, encouraging us to play and allowing us to simply be with what is as it is, while Nat and Brian’s sweet music guided us home. My fellow yogis were friendly, fun and inspiring, creating a real sense of community. The retreat center was a beautiful, sacred sanctuary by the ocean with a caring and accommodating staff. We enjoyed delicious vegetarian food grown on their property, comfortable lodging, an inviting infinity pool and access to gorgeous nearby beaches. My spirit is still soaring and I look forward to returning next year!
Wonderful yoga retreat in dreamy paradise of Big Island Hawaii. Peter Walters Bhakti style yoga is both playful and rigorous. Live music. Daily meditation. Yoga 2x a day. Organic vegetarian meals 3x a day. A great way to to treat yourself to health and wellness. Hawaii Island Retreat Resort is a beautiful location with yurts or suites to share of enjoy in private. Massage and energy work is offered on site. Infinity pool is exquisite. Near the town of Hawi. People are friendly and fun. Afternoons are free to explore beaches, hike and discover Aloha style.
This retreat on Kona with Nat, Peter and Brian was amazing. The location, the facility, yoga, music, free time, food and company were perfection. The guests were also amazing and varied, we all bought our own unique vibe to the retreat. I would not hesitate for a minute to jump on another retreat with these capable, skilled and loving gentlemen in the future. You will most certainly be in good hands and in for a wonderful ride!
Absolutely Amazing. Peter was a fantastic host, teacher and friend who created a wonderful space for all of us to reconnect to ourselves and with each other.