Past Trips


This trip was life changing - I came to PMP in a cloud of darkness, not sure if I'd ever rediscover my light. I left knowing my true self, reestablishing my light, and with hope for the future regardless of what adversity I may face. The staff and service were incredible, the leaders were instrumental in creating a safe, trusting container where all were valued and respected. I would rate this as one of the most profound experiences I've had in my life and give thanks and gratitude to Kat, Neil, Maureen, Moises, Laura - the entire staff - and all of the participants who welcomed, listened and accepted me. Thank you!
By Jd L for Master Plant Dieta Jan '24 on Feb 09, 2024
JD, you are such a force in this world, a true light warrior, and we all absolutely adore you. Please reach out anytime as the journey unfolds, as we are always on your team. Thank you for such an incredibly kind review; you are in our hearts, always! Keep shining my friend <3
By PMP, Inc. on Feb 19, 2024
I was blown away by how beautifully the PMP team held a container for our plant medicine week. At every turn they were going above and beyond in taking care of the guests, it was an extraordinary amount of work, love, and attention they poured into us. Without doubt this was the most magical week of my life.
By Jennifer S for Master Plant Dieta Jan '24 on Feb 05, 2024
Jen, this means more than I could ever express - thank you for your kindness, your bravery, and your incredible support. It is truly an honor to do this work with you! <3<3<3
By PMP, Inc. on Feb 06, 2024
Life changing. The staff at PMP are all warm, wise, and incredibly generous and accommodating.
By Sylvia A for Master Plant Dieta Jan '24 on Jan 29, 2024
Awww thank you so so much Sylvia. It was truly an honor to share this adventure with you - so happy it was meaningful to you! Happy integrating and much gratitude for the kind words <3
By PMP, Inc. on Jan 30, 2024