Past Trips


Rachel led us on a journey to reclaim our inner power, sharing heartfelt discussions and beautiful expressive movement as well. The surrounding nature of the retreat center really facilitated all this inner work we were doing.
By Jemma M for Bali Goddess Yoga Retreat: Embodying Shakti on May 15, 2023
This trip was life changing. Rachel created such a safe container for so much spiritual growth and feminine community. I left this retreat feeling completely renewed and ready to embrace my inner goddess. She empowered us all to take action - she ignited our inner fires. I could not be more thankful for the wisdom, love, and community this trip gave me. Rachel is so incredible -
By Myah M for Bali Goddess Yoga Retreat: Embodying Shakti on May 15, 2023
This retreat was a life changing experience for me. Guided by the incredible Rachel Wilkins, you cannot go wrong. Our “Mamma Goddess” held space beautifully for everyone to have their own experience within the retreat. We were taken on a few excursions that can only be described as magical and (I’ll say it again and again) truly life changing. Water temples have proven to be soul cleansing. I highly recommend any retreat run by Rachel as she pays close attention to the details (food and accommodations were divine) and creates an experience that you will never forget! Thank you for making my first trip to Bali one of the best trips of my life!
By Jennifer E for Bali Goddess Yoga Retreat: Embodying Shakti on May 12, 2023