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Excellent food and wine knowledge. Chef Gruica was a great guide. Chef Ricky Moore is amazing and curated a feeling of togetherness in a tour of what was primarily strangers. Over that week we became friends. Many stepped outside of their comfort zones and tried (and loved) food that they'd never before imagined. Croatia is beautiful! I look forward to the next food & wine (and Pepsi!) tour!!
By Felice G for The "Kroatia Kool" Thousand Island Food & Wine Tour w/Chef Ricky Moore on Nov 07, 2023
This was not just any ordinary trip. It was a culinary adventure in a beautiful country with amazing people unlike anything we have ever experienced. Every day Chef Richard curated unique tasting experiences off the beaten path. His delicious collections blended the freshest local food from small wineries, local eateries, and farms in stunning surroundings. Every day presented unique activities exploring the real people and places that most tourists never see. I would have never imagined eating a spectacular meal in a charming winery that was prepared by the owner and his family or hunting for truffles out in the woods and having an al fresco dinner prepared right there at dusk. Day after day, the combination of food, wine, and activities was unique and different from the previous day. We absolutely will be returning for more tours with Chef Richard and definitely this Croatia tour is one of a kind and not to be missed!
By Joseph M for A 'Taste of Southern Grace' Croatia Tour w/ Chef Steven Greene on Oct 14, 2023
Beyond what we had anticipated! The immersion in the local culture made this a very special trip! We would definitely travel with Richard again!
By Karen F for The Chef Chris Coleman Taste of Croatia Tour on Aug 01, 2023


What a trip! Richard created an amazing itinerary that included something for everyone. His connections to local chefs, farmers, tour guides, etc made this an unforgettable trip. Accommodations were first class, beautiful hotels and very comfortable transportation along the way. We look forward to another trip with him!
By Lewis W on 10 May, 2023