I will literaly remember these countless experiences for a lifetime. Richard's genuine enthusiasm for food, wine, and culture shined bright. My wife and I truly experienced what it means to be a world traveler. We would do another trip in a heartbeat. Thanks Richard!
By David Watsky for Chef Sam Diminich Back to Roots Slovenia & Croatia Tour on May 06, 2023
Thank you so much for those super kind words. I love doing what I do and crafting wonderful experiences for my guests. It was a pleasure having both of you guys. Peru in 24!
By Chef Richard Gruica on May 08, 2023
I met 12 Fantastic people who have become friends and Richard was fantastic, well informed and not a "boring tour instructor". The buses that we had were extremely comfortable and classy. We were able to take our time at each spot which was important to me. Excellent time.
By Diane Esposito for Chef Sam Diminich Back to Roots Slovenia & Croatia Tour on May 04, 2023
Thank you was wonderful having you and so appreciate you for coming on the tour. He re is to a great trip, to new friends...loads of memories and to what the future has in store for us.
By Chef Richard Gruica on May 08, 2023
Such an amazing trip. Richard crushed it and now I have new friends, 5 extra lbs and amazing memories. Can’t wait for the next one!
By Ivy Robinson for Chef Sam Diminich Back to Roots Slovenia & Croatia Tour on Apr 25, 2023
Thank you. Meeting folks like yourself only makes my job that much better. Here's to Peru in 24.
By Chef Richard Gruica on Apr 25, 2023


What a trip! Richard created an amazing itinerary that included something for everyone. His connections to local chefs, farmers, tour guides, etc made this an unforgettable trip. Accommodations were first class, beautiful hotels and very comfortable transportation along the way. We look forward to another trip with him!
By Lewis W on 10 May, 2023