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Outstanding retreat at Lake Atitlán! The location was magic and as always Suzanne put together an amazing trip. From a sunrise hike, paddle boarding at dawn, fire ceremony, healing treatments the list goes on of memorable moments from my week at Villa Sumaya. I absolutely love practicing yoga with Suzanne. She crafts her classes with thoughtfulness and balances challenge with ease. I would highly recommend any trip with her and look forward to joining her again (hopefully in 2024).
By Deborah L for Yoga Adventures at Lake Atitlan, Guatamala on Nov 29, 2023
Suzanne did a great job with the yoga as always, enjoyed the variety of views from the various yoga platforms, and music and yoga styles. I enjoyed the people, the venue, the views, the food. The Guatemalan people were very kind and friendly. The Mayan Fire Ceremony was very interesting - yet I could hardly get up and down from that low chair after the long hike - my legs were too sore and I thought I might fall over a few times, so I ended up throwing burnable items from a seated position, which seemed lazy but I literally couldn't move very well. The other activities went with the vibe of the place - spiritual and 'woo-woo.' I enjoyed watching other people experience those things. As my friend Jen says, I do a lot of things as anthropological experiments on other humans. I'd love for men to do more yoga. I enjoy mixed company more so than all women company (or 95% women). Myself and my friends contribute to that imbalance of course. Maybe a yoga trip for another day that has more co-ed oriented activities? The below feedback was mostly given on my Villa Sumaya form: Food was great, too great actually, I gained a few pounds eating all vegetarian for the week. The rooms were... okay. The wind off the lake rattles the doors and windows and I had to wear ear plugs every night. I had one scorpion and several large spiders that I cleared out of my room myself. The room was a bit dated and needed a bathroom update. I had two hot showers and three barely-not-cold showers and I never could tell if or when the water would be hot. One day after a long hike, the water was shut off to my room --while I was in the shower --with no notice. The water was out for maintenance for about 6 hours. At a normal hotel, we would have been pre-informed of a planned water outage. They gave us a hot tub session as recompense. One morning the coffee pot wasn't working - this was because of an electrical fire which shorted out the outlets and left a black scorch mark on the wall. This electrical fire was in a building with a thatched roof, and connected to my room which had no smoke alarm. The kitchen was in a building connected to rooms that had no smoke alarms. This resort is U.S. owned - consider getting the electrical wiring shored up to a reasonable safety code, installing smoke alarms in bedrooms, and using scorpion repellant (cedar oil). The staff was friendly and helpful.
By Tressa A for Yoga Adventures at Lake Atitlan, Guatamala on Nov 20, 2023
Cannot say enough about this trip! Amazing cultural and spiritual experience. Beautiful location, delicious food, welcoming hosts, and amazing travel community. The yoga and other activities were beyond expectations. If you have the chance to travel with Suzanne to Guatemala or other locations, you will not be disappointed.
By Kathleen A for Yoga Adventures at Lake Atitlan, Guatamala on Nov 14, 2023
So grateful you got to join this trip Kathleen, and celebrate with us once again a special birthday.
By Flow Yoga Adventures on Nov 14, 2023


Suzanne is an amazing yoga instructor and adventure planner. She knows the perfect balance of planning activities and allowing time for you to explore on your own. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala was my 5th Flow Yoga Adventure and I love the trips so much I have already booked Peru for next year. Lake Atitlan was a special retreat and a must add for any Yogi/ adventurer spirit!!
By allyson D on 03 May, 2022
This trip was incredible! It was the perfect balance of rest, physical activity, and emotional activity. So many special connections made there as well. And the views are unbeatable. One of the most beautiful places I’ve been.
By Andrew W on 03 May, 2022