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The trip was beautiful. Met some amazing beautiful women. They had meditation, yoga, massages and spiritual advisors onsite. The plant base diet for the most part was delicious but for some like myself, it takes the body a while to adjust. You were fed 3 times a day. I would recommend having healthy snacks in between meals onsite. The itinerary they had planned out was awesome. You didn't have to think of anything accept on your free day which was fine. I love mostly everything about this trip, but my accommodations not so much. Originally we booked a trip with this company before covid but was unable to attend due to the pandemic and restrictions that were in place. We we able to choose another trip which was Spain. All the rooms were suppose to be suites and my travel buddy even confirmed via email. When we arrived, our room was small. There were two Twin sized beds but they were pushed together. We had enough space just for luggage not much to move around. The bathroom was separated by a sheer curtain sheet and the toilet was by the beside. We had no privacy and most would agree when they visit our room so if you need to use the bathroom, one person had to step out. Most of the other rooms had a living room space and balcony which we did not have neither and a sleeping area. When brought to the host attention, we were told we are only in the room for 2 minutes so pretty much not a big deal, which it is, when you are paying lots of money for your accommodations so that was definitely not the right response but overall the trip was life changing. Moving forward, please make sure everything is fair when it comes to accommodations and have more empathy when a guest is expressing concern. I would recommend this retreat but please make sure you're getting what you paid for when it comes to accommodations.
By Brittany T for Spectacular Spain! September 3-10, 2022 on 20 Sep, 2022
This trip was phenomenal and is one I will always think about. Tameika and Whitney genuinely care about the well-being of their clients. From the time I registered to beyond the last day of the trip, I felt so well taken care of and had a blast on this retreat! Their workshops were on target, and the daily body movement with either hiking, yoga, boot camp or walking felt incredible. The food options were great, our villa was adorable, and I loved all of the sightseeing. I cannot thank the Whole Experience team enough for this extraordinary experience!
By Sandi M for Spectacular Spain! September 3-10, 2022 on 19 Sep, 2022
I had a spectacular time with the whole experience retreat In Spain. I was very impressed with the personalized guest experience I received from booking onwards. The activities included yoga, mediation, hiking, boot camp, wine tasting, flamenco dancing, tour of The Alhambra, beach day and also bonding with a great group of women who met as strangers and left as friends. The whole experience has set the bar high for future wellness retreats. I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into putting on this retreat and I have to say Whitney and Tameika did a great job!!
By Heather J for Spectacular Spain! September 3-10, 2022 on 14 Sep, 2022


Thee most exciting travel experience I’ve ever had. Tamika and Whitney are masters at their craft and have honed the skills to help others vibrate on higher levels. I’m sure my adventures will continue with them in the near future, and perhaps with some of you. Traveling the world 🌎 while enhancing our souls.
By susan J on 23 Apr, 2022
The Whole Experience retreat in Cape Town superseded all of my expectations. Tameika and Whitney curated an experience that included adventure, relaxation, movement, self reflection, sisterhood, cultural education and celebration. Both Tameika and Whitney were intentional about holding space for every woman that attended and created a space that was authentic, safe and fun. They stayed true to their brand the entire week and made sure that we all had a “whole experience” in Cape Town, South Africa!
By Monique J on 18 Apr, 2022
I have written and deleted this review several times because words cannot describe The Whole Experience Retreats. The hosts, Whitney and Tameika, are beautiful souls. I can understand why they have an amazing friendship. Not only do they understand each other very well, but they understand you as well. They do their best to make you feel comfortable while being away from home. They are very attentive to your needs. I had a spiritual awakening while in the Motherland and I experienced it with some of most joyous, energizing, and loving people I have ever met. Honestly, words cannot describe how refreshed you will feel after attending one of the Whole Experience Retreats. I am a Tribe Member for LIFE! Thank you for an amazing experience that I will never forget ❤️
By Nesha J on 12 Apr, 2022