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The TULUM Experience by TML
The TULUM Experience by TML
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
27 Oct, 2021


Traveling with TML & Locarist to St. Maarten was one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had. The country, people and vibes were all beautiful! We lived out best lives in the sunshine and rain! I look forward to and I’m ready for the next trip with TML & Locarist!
By Brittany W for The St.Maarten Experience by TML & Locarist on Sep 21, 2022
This was a fun & action packed trip filled with chills, spills and thrills...oh my! Our group had a good time (some might say too good of one!) and the planned activities provided opportunities to relax, enjoy and meet new people. We had an absolute blast on the catamaran ride - and as the birthday girl I would say that was my favorite portion of the entire trip and I made sure to celebrate to the fullest! The one major drawback was the loss of power at the hotel for nearly 2 days. Although this was not the fault of TML Events and this issue rested entirely on the property, it still dampened the experience. We had nowhere to shower or use the facilities as there was no electricity or running water for at least 36hrs min. Being forced to shower and use the restrooms at the beach (due to the kindness of staff at Hotel Zebra) was not ideal at all. I'm actually appalled at the lack of communication and care from Copal and its staff. We were not offered candles, flashlights or even drinking water during this entire time and when we asked for candles, only received (1) tea light - not at all the expectation when the entire property is rendered without power for days. It would have been good to see Copal staff contacting hotel guests directly to check in on each room, determine if there's anything they could do to appease the discomfort (i.e. offering candles, water, snacks, etc.), but instead at checkout we were promptly asked to close out our bill of though we weren't talking to them in the dark and with no power, funky rooms and backed up toilets. It was a bit infuriating to have staff completely ignore glaring issues and request payment - versus offering a discount or some form of make good for 2 days of no power. We were told they could look into things w/their GM and perhaps offer a discount for a future stay - as if we would actually think about returning to this property again. Ha! All in all, we made things work & made the best of the situation - thank you to the TML team for planning such a fun excursion in Tulum!
By Manushka M for The TULUM Experience by TML on Nov 16, 2021
I had a great time and enjoyed every bit of it. Met some great people and it was a very positive time. Shoutout to the TML team
By Andre H for The TULUM Experience by TML on Nov 03, 2021
Thank you for leaving us a review and joining us on this experience. Your energy was amazing!
By TML Events Co. on Nov 03, 2021