We have just returned from our second photo adventure with Costa Rica Focus and without a doubt have to say that it was every bit as wonderful and successful as our first trip back in April of 2022! Our enthusiasm encouraged a friend and fellow photographer to join us this time around and together we had a magical two-week photographic journey that could only have been accomplished through the skill and experience of the folks at Costa Rica Focus. Joan created an itinerary for us that not only took us back to a few of our favorite places but also to new and different locations where we were able to view and photograph different species of birds we had not seen before, some of them rare and not found elsewhere. With our favorite guide, Minor, leading the way we were transported from place to place, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning (!), in order that we could maximize the best opportunities for viewing and photographing some of the world's most exotic birds. There is nothing like seeing a fiery-billed aracari or spectacled owl in its natural environment! And during this trip, we had the rare privilege, not to mention luck, of seeing an elusive ocelot as it ran across the road with dinner in its mouth. What a treat to see this beautiful animal in the wild! We are already discussing plans to return for Round 3 in April of next year as we just can't seem to get enough of the wildlife, birds and culture of Costa Rica. And we will, of course, book again with Costa Rica Focus. Their attention to detail is second to none in our opinion. It takes skill and dedication to be successful in the tourism industry and Costa Rica Focus has certainly won our vote!
By Nina I for Nina Irvin & Mark Campisi & Pam Bole - Costa Rica Photography tour on 16 Mar, 2023
We had a fantastic trip. Wonderful experience. Loved out guide! Saw so many birds and wildlife. Food was fantastic. Will definitely return
By Jeannine G for Jeannine Griffin & John Griffin. Costa Rica Birding at its Best on 14 Mar, 2023
We really enjoyed our stay at the Savegre Resort. The food was great and the staff was friendly. The guide was the best and we had a full day of excellent birding. The Batsu Gardens was set up nicely for hummingbird photography. Then on to the Espadilla Hotel and Manual Antonio. The hotel was convenient to the beach and the food was great. Manual Antonio NP was not that great, hot, and overcrowded. The guided birding trip to Esquipulas Resort and surrounding area was spectacular, 108 species seen.
By Debra G for Debbie & Alvan Gale - Return to Costa Rica on 13 Mar, 2023