Past Trips


Traveling to India has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember but as a solo female traveler, I craved authentic experiences outside of the typical tourist trail but also safety and comfort. I found all of that with the Wind Collective! Clé curated a dream trip that included all of the beautiful highlights with additional unique experiences that I wouldn’t have found on a solo trip. His creativity felt contagious in the best way and all of us walked away with once-in-a-lifetime memories and gorgeous photos. Ritik, our local guide, took care of our high-energy group with ease, making sure we were always safe, happy and carefree. His passion to share the beauty of his country through our many unique excursions felt like we were traveling with close friend. This was my first experience with group travel and I feel so lucky to have connected with so many like-minded souls that live to travel! I have made lifelong friends. I know this is only the beginning of my journey with Wind Collective and I cannot wait for the next trip!
By Lauren B for Experience a Vibrant India on Apr 09, 2024
I had an incredible time! Traveling to India and experiencing Holi there has always been a dream of mine, but I've been intimidated to do it as a solo female traveler. Windcollective curated an amazing itinerary, hitting all the must-see spots for a first time trip, and made sure our group felt safe the entire time! I think our Holi experience was as authentic as it can get-- we were at a temple with 100s (maybe 1000s) of locals in a sacred area known for its many legends of Krishna's life. Holi is chaotic and messy, but our local guides were with us the whole time and made sure we felt safe. Also, I don't know what it is about windcollective trips, but this is my second one and each time the group has been amazing-- great, like-minded, easy to get along with people! Final cherry on top-- Cle has a way of capturing everyone's beauty and we all left with not only fond memories but also beautiful photographs! I can't wait for my next trip with y'all!
By Johanny M for Experience a Vibrant India on Apr 02, 2024
India has always been a country I wanted to visit and one I did not want to attempt to travel solo to. Traveling with Wind Collective was AMAZING and has changed my perspective on group travel. The highlight for me was being able to connect with a group of people who looked like me and shared the same passion for travel. In addition, an itinerary that emphasizes authentic local interactions and unique experiences. Traveling with Wind Collective felt like I was traveling with friends and family vs strangers. Grateful for the memories, wonderful pictures (Thanks Cle) and continued friendships that came out of this group trip. Looking forward to traveling with Wind Collective again!
By Annette Ethel B for Experience a Vibrant India on Apr 01, 2024


Indian 2024 was my second trip with Windcollective and it won’t be my last. The itineraries are well thought out, the hotels are a vibe, and there always seems to be a great group of people on these trips! Highly recommend!
By Athena K on 31 Mar, 2024
Traveled with Cle and the wind collective to India for Holi. What an amazing trip, I’ll have a lifetime of memories! A very special curated trip with local cultural immersion, adventure (rafting) and historical site seeing with local knowledgeable guides. Cle is friendly, and outgoing and a genius behind the lens. Can’t wait to book my next trip!
By Asia R on 29 Mar, 2024
Overall, Samora demonstrated strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills. He was able to re-strategize and turn what would have been deemed as stressful situations (i.e.: the shortage and suspension of Suica cards and lost then delayed luggage) into a learning environment for our travel group. His positive attitude reflected on us as a group and even locals we’d meet throughout the trip. I’d highly recommend going to Japan with Samora and The Wind Collective as your hosts! So far, this has been the best international trip. We look forward to visiting Japan again in the future.
By Mary S on 03 Sep, 2023