We had a great time! Our "travel family" was a well-put-together group of people of varied ages and backgrounds. Boats2Beaches was genuine in its efforts to ensure any of our needs and wants were always met or addressed. The accommodations were at a quaint boutique hotel located close to the airport. Kwame', our tour guide was excellent! He was dedicated to his mission of showing his beloved Ghana in its true and beautiful light. He not only showed us the sights but colorfully illustrated the true stories behind the scenes. The tour unknowingly evolved into a spiritual journey of awareness and self-reflection. We were "home".
By Sean H for Boats2Beaches TRAVEL LLC, Ghana 2023/24 by The Wind Collective on Jan 30, 2024
We had a very good time with great people!
By Terry C for Boats2Beaches TRAVEL LLC, Ghana 2023/24 by The Wind Collective on Jan 13, 2024
Thank you so much for your feedback and for joining us on this trip, Terry. We hope to have you onboard sometime soon! All the best, The Wind Collective Trips Team
By The Wind Collective on Jan 17, 2024
What can I say. JAPAN!!! This country truly does have my heart and The Wind Collective did a(n) amazing job in making me fall in love with it all over again. The Hotels we stayed at were very lovely especially that first Tokyo Hotel near the middle of the worlds busiest train station. The food options we truly did enjoy (Romie you did the DAMN thing)!!! The top highlights of the country were easily captured and I have made lifelong friends. From start to finish Samora you really communicated and helped with any questions, comments or concerns I had. Romie why do I feel like you are another sister to me =]. Making me laugh constantly and telling me to enjoy my 4th ice cream cone of the day hahaha. Jeff you have a gift and an eye for amazing photography shots. Never lose that dream and inspiration you have. If anyone is having any type of doubts on booking with TWC don't!!! They plan amazing trips and have everything down pact. Trust Me you will NOT be disappointed. Thank You Team!!!
By Beeran D for Epic Japan Trip - Beeran on Sep 04, 2023
Beeran, you truly are becoming an OG member of TWC - so glad to have you on another trip! You brought such a great and fun energy to the group and we can only thank you for choosing to journey with us! Thank you so much and see you soon!!! The Wind Collective Trips Team
By The Wind Collective on Sep 05, 2023


Overall, Samora demonstrated strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills. He was able to re-strategize and turn what would have been deemed as stressful situations (i.e.: the shortage and suspension of Suica cards and lost then delayed luggage) into a learning environment for our travel group. His positive attitude reflected on us as a group and even locals we’d meet throughout the trip. I’d highly recommend going to Japan with Samora and The Wind Collective as your hosts! So far, this has been the best international trip. We look forward to visiting Japan again in the future.
By Mary S on 03 Sep, 2023