Past Trips


I have had a great time in Istmo Retreat during the Thanksgiving vacation. Ayesha and Sean have been the best hosts of all times. I have really enjoyed surfing, hiking, eating the great food cooked by Sean and as well as visiting the indigenous village in Panama . Although I was traveling solo, I felt like a big part of the family on Thanksgiving day. It was one of my best trips. I really hope to be back. Until then, please take care Ayesha and Sean. You are absolutely the best!
I wish that I were in a hammock at Istmo right now! I would highly recommend Istmo Yoga and Adventure Retreat. We had a wonderful, relaxing time, from the morning yoga to the afternoons at the beach. The biggest surprise was the food. It was some of the best food I have ever had! I would go there just to eat. Both owners were incredibly accommodating. All of the outings that we went on were fun and it was great to see more of Panama.
What an incredible experience!! Many thanks to Ayesha and Sean for providing us with beautiful accommodations, delicious food, and amazing adventures!!