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My Queer Year in Review  | Free Workshop | 16th Dec 2021
My Queer Year in Review | Free Workshop | 16th Dec 2021
Free Virtual Workshop (LGBTQ+ Wellbeing)
16 Dec, 2021

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I highly can recommend this wonderful and inspiring workshop. I came with no expectations and knowledge about what will happen during the two days and left the workshop filled with so much input, empowerment, inspiration and courage. Over the whole weekend, Mayliss and Michael created a space with so much openness, honesty, trust, interest, knowledge and emotions, which even a month later helped me to create a space for myself, self-reflection and self-love.
By Tim T for Who am i? | 23+24 Oct 2021 | GBTQ | US on 28 Nov, 2021
What a wonderful experience! The Whom am I? retreat matched all my expectations and beyond, it was great way for me to explore everything related to my identity, connect with like-minded individuals & heal, within a safe space. I would totally recommend this retreat to everyone who wants to embrace their full self!
By Jean Baptiste M for Who am i? | 23+24 Oct 2021 | GBTQ | US on 10 Nov, 2021
The retreat was inspiring and empowering. The focus on self-discovery meant I left with a deeper understanding of my personal motivations and how to be my authentic self. I would totally recommend it to any members of the LGBT+ community who want space to reflect about their future.
By Jon B for Who am i? | 23+24 Oct 2021 | GBTQ | US on 09 Nov, 2021


I highly recommend We Create Space! I participated in a 2-day 'Who Am I?' Virtual Queer Leadership Retreat with other Queer leaders and it was truly transformational–I left forever changed. The intentional and purposeful programming by Michael and Maylis was so meaningful and well structured. The biggest draw for me was the community care and networking opportunity of being able to see and hear from other queer folx. This is what has been the hardest for me to find in my own personal journey.
By Luke L on 28 Jul, 2021
The workshop I attended literally created space in both my body and mind for exploration, curiosity and openness. It was wonderfully facilitated, inspired immensely by the speakers' talks and other queer participants sharings. It shifted the way I saw different aspects of my life and opened the room for more discovery. Definitely recommended to all queer people who want to learn more and increase their inner potential!
By Bers G on 09 Jul, 2021
I took part in a weekend Who Am I? retreat and highly recommend it. The group size is intimate so never feels too daunting and you're able to build connections well. Maylis was a fantastic organiser - felt there was great communication from pre-booking right through to afterwards. Michael is a fantastic host, he leads the retreat with from a place of kindness, vulnerability and openness I find really commendable. Whether you're new to self exploration or a seasoned pro - I think this is worth doing.
By Jamie M on 01 Sep, 2020