Great guide! I wasn't sure if taking this trip would be worth it. I'm so glad I went and also glad I opted for the full day tour. It was a great experience with some spectacular views.
By John L for Puyopungo – Full Day Jungle Highlights Tour / Puyopungo Full Day on 05 Jun, 2022
First of all, I learned a lot during this course. And two instructor for three participants felt like a good ratio because you need a lot of help as a beginner :D. The first day was training in a very calm river basin to learn the eskimo roll and a bit of theory how the current flows in a river. The second and third day were spent on two different level 2 rivers around Puyo. It was definitely a challenge, all your muscles hurt after three days and getting through the rapids is quite exhilerating at the beginning, but it was also quite a bit of fun. One tip, be very careful that your shoulders and arms are always covered if you have ligther skin, even if the sun is not shining, my boyfriend got the sunburn of his life^^.
By Katja W for Kayaking Course - 3 Day Introductory Course | Curso de Kayak on 28 May, 2022
The first day of the tour was really great. First the trip to the animal sanctuary, then the beautiful waterfall in the rainforest with our guide showing us special plants on the way. The journey in the Kanu was nice as well, but my absolute favourite was the viewpoint over the Rio Puyo, the view was amazing and we got to watch the sunset from there. Unfortunately, my boyfriend got really sick during the night (probably from the water on the day before the tour started) and had to go to the hospital. However, our guide Carlos was really great and not only drove us to the hospital quickly but stayed there with us the whole night and next morning to translate everything. Luckily we could all go back to Banos the next day. So, while we missed the activities of the second day, I am very glad Carlos was with us when all of that happened and the first day was very nice.
By Katja W for Puyopungo – 2 Day Tour / Puyopungo Tour 2 Días on 28 May, 2022