Past Trips

Virtual Yoga Nidra TT
Virtual Yoga Nidra TT
Minneapolis, MN, USA
8 Aug, 20
Toronto Restorative Yoga TT
Toronto Restorative Yoga TT
Toronto, ON, Canada
21 Feb, 20
GR Meditation Teacher Training
GR Meditation Teacher Training
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
12 Apr, 19
Spring Reset
Spring Reset
Fennville, MI, USA
5 Apr, 19
Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
8 Feb, 19
Meditation Teacher Training
Meditation Teacher Training
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
4 Jan, 19
Ignite 2019
Ignite 2019
Muskegon, MI, USA
29 Dec, 18
Ignite Your Intuition
Ignite Your Intuition
South Haven, MI, USA
14 Sep, 18
Summer Self-Care Retreat
Summer Self-Care Retreat
Lake Leelanau, MI, USA
6 Jun, 18


The Sedona trip was life changing. Sam & Kelly made sure that we had plenty of free time to enjoy the area that you’re in. The food was amazing and the activities that Sam & Kelly lead were on point.
The Sedona, Arizona retreat was incredible. It was expertly planned - the transportation, the accommodations, the meals, the activities, the flow of the week, and the number of activities (not too few, not too many). There was adequate time for self-reflection, but we were also actively engaged in self-development as well as group activities. The plant-based food was delicious, nourishing, and sustaining, and only encouraged the intense personal work we were engaged in the whole time. Kelly & Sam were expert leaders, feeding off of each other's strengths and stepping and filling in with the meals and other arrangements when we were busy with the other. They were professional and yet exceptionally caring, and encouraged an authentic atmosphere of vulnerability and growth. The week's activities continued to build on each other, and culminated in a final night which was exceptionally caring and meaningful. I would highly recommend a retreat with Sam & Kelly, and I will be looking to be involved as soon as I can again. This was an authentic experience, and done with excellence. It was obvious to me that they both genuinely care about excellence in their profession, and about genuinely wanting to share their knowledge and care with the rest of us!
Kelly is absolutely amazing! Not only is she super personable and full of energy; she is full of so much knowledge and inspiration. I was able to meet a great group of fellow yoga teachers and yogis who will forever be friends. Thank you Kelly for all you are and all you do! Can't wait to join you again for another ytt.
What a great weekend of learning and fun. Kelly created a wonderful environment for us to really experience the benefits of restorative yoga for ourselves, being able to then translate that into learning how to teach and support others through a class as well. Thank you Kelly!
Kelly’s Restorative Yoga TT was well thought out, organized, engaging and informative! Kelly is a wealth of information and has a beautiful way of sharing her knowledge using verbal and visual instruction, hands on learning and humour. This is my second Yoga TT with Kelly and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her or take another if it was offered. Thank you so much Kelly!!
This restorative yoga teacher training with Kelly was so good! Kelly has this beautiful way of making a 22-hour training go by in the blink of an eye! This weekend was fun, informative, and I am so excited to take everything she taught me and share restorative yoga with more people. I definitely recommend Kelly's trainings!
I had a wonderful time this weekend with Kelly. She is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and great at what she does. Kelly has so much charisma which definitely made this experience enjoyable. I look forward to taking future trainings with her!
I had an amazing trip! Kelly was an excellent teacher and made all of us feel special and welcome regardless of our yoga history. Lots of laughter and sharing with an beautiful group of women. I left feeling knowledgeable, exhausted and excited to lead a Restorative class of my own. Namaste?
Kelly's training is incredibly well organized. She knows how to create a flow that builds from a strong foundation and moves upwards. Her subject matter knowledge is excellent, her teaching style is accessible and friendly and she maintains a students mind, while being confident in her own skill, experience and ability. Beyond that, Kelly has a wonderful sense of humour and kindness. I am looking forward to learning from her again.
Excellent weekend with Kelly! A fantastic group of people and a really informative weekend. Developed a great understanding of yoga nidra through Kelly's teaching. She was a super trainer! Highly recommended!
I had such an enjoyable and productive weekend! This 22-Hour teacher training was very well planned (and delivered) and I came away feeling completely equipped to go ahead with my own classes in Yoga Nidra. The class size (8) was perfect and the agenda incorporated a good mix of reading, presentation and group practical work. Kelly is an excellent instructor and I will be keeping an eye out for future trainings!
I had a great time! Kelly is sooo profesional, well organized and really good coach. So much usefull informations, knowledge about Yoga Nidra. You just feel like you can go a teach straightforward! Fantastic group of people who are passion about yoga and wants to explore more. Thank you Kelly for amazing Teacher Training!
Kelly is great, and I really enjoy learning from her. She is down to earth and honest, which made me feel very welcome. The training was very informative and I encourage others to take this course, even if you do not intend to teach. It’s very valuable and a great investment for the self! Much love!
This was an amazing experience, especially being my first international trip. Kelly was wonderful and answered all my questions and helped ease all my anxiety as I prepared for travel. Kelly also did a wonderful job incorporating great yoga sessions and Iceland tours, to make the absolute most of our time on our trip. I really hope to take another adventure with Kelly :)
A genuinely excellent course taught by a fantastic teacher - HIGHLY recommend!!
This was such an incredible trip! There was a perfect balance between planned events and time to explore on our own. Kelly was so helpful with suggesting things we could do in our free time or suggesting tours. I would definitely recommend!
Kelly is down to earth, relatable, and makes learning fun! I would 100% recommend taking a training with her :)
This training is awesome! We spent time going over every aspect of creating a successful Yoga Nidra session. Kelly has written a manual, which you will receive, outlining what you need to know. Kelly was friendly, funny and knowledgeable. I am so glad I took this training. I feel inspired to start teaching Yoga Nidra.
I look forward to the next training I can do with Kelly! She is part of my tribe now and I felt at home with everyone that was part of the Yoga Nidra teacher training class in Toronto.
It was well worth travelling the distance to this training in Bristol. Kelly has a wonderful way of delivering her training in an informal and informative way. You learn so much in a couple of long but good days and come away fully equipped with the skills to use confidently. Kelly is a very knowledgeable and generous yoga teacher, she 's warm and friendly and I highly recommend her training.
The Restorative Yoga training was wonderful, well paced, extremely informative and expertly delivered. I'd highly recommend Kelly's training, she's a very caring, sharing and knowledgeable Yoga teacher. It was fabulous to finally meet her. The group were very supportive and the venue was superb, I can't recommend her highly enough.
Lovely group and gorgeous teachings. V nourishing and space was held well by Kelly. I didn’t learn as much as I’d hoped (prob own fault as taught it a while) and found 12 hour days too much/long but nice to connect with likeminded souls ?
Kelly is a wonderful teacher. The course was brilliant. I have left feeling confident and ready to teach restorative yoga. I can't thank you enough!
I had a truly wonderful Restorative Yoga Training weekend with Kelly Smith in Bristol. She is such a lovely, charismatic, passionate teacher! I now teach Restorative classes and feel confident and so knowledgeable since my training! I highly recommend Kelly’s training to anyone who is considering signing up.. go do it!! You won’t regret it I promise!! Sam Williams, Wales, UK
Loved it so much that I booked for the Spring retreat. It was just what this gal needed and I enjoyed meeting new ladies.
The experience was wonderful. The house was completely adorable and felt completely comfortable. It was big enough that we all had space to ourselves and small enough to connect with others. The meals were delicious. Even within the jam packed schedule, I found time to walk the beach and connect further with others. Thank you Sam and Kelly for an amazing weekend!!
Great time, great training... Kelly is a wonderful teacher.
Working with Kelly Smith was inspiring, 100% recommendation. So very glad I have completed this course with her as my Tutor. Life changing. ??
What a wonderful way to renew, relax and meet wonderful new people. Excellent sessions and fabulous food. Would highly recommend. This weekend exceeded all my expectations!
Very relaxing, quiet weekend. Great food prepared and the right amount of content scheduled.
Kelly has quickly become not only one of my favorite teachers, but favorite people!! She is simply amazing - her teacher trainings are informative, fun, engaging and truly make you feel ready to teach!! I would highly recommend any of her trainings, workshops or retreats!
Kelly’s training was fantastic. Her training included science behind the practice, practical instruction for how to teach and she clearly demonstrated her own skill as a yoga nidra teacher. Transferring one’s body of knowledge to another is not often easy yet Kelly did just that with skill and grace. Looking forward to attend more of Kelly’s trainings and events.
I'm so grateful to have participated in this training with Kelly. Her love of yoga, people, teaching, and her knowledge and sense of humour made the weekend an amazing learning experience. I can't wait to share the gift of rest and self-love with others. Thanks Kelly!
I had such an amazing time learning with Kelly, who is so knowledgeable and fun. I really appreciate her reverence for tradition and how accessible she makes these ancient practices. This was my first training with her but I look forward to more!
My trip to Toronto for Kelly's yoga nidra training was amazing! Kelly's way of breaking down the information and her presentation give me the knowledge to create my own classes with ease. I have already signed up for her meditations class and I will be returning for her restorative yoga as well.
I had a great weekend learning from Kelly. Her knowledge about meditation was evident and her delivery was fun and laid back. I felt like their was an equal balance of lecture, experience as a student and delivery as a teacher. I would definitely take one of her trainings again, and hope to join a retreat someday! Thank you Kelly ❤️❤️
This training was wonderful and I am so grateful for Kelly's knowledge, presence, and support all weekend!
This is the second training I have taken with Kelly Smith. She is so thorough with her trainings. At the end of each course, I felt ready to go out and teach what I had learned. She herself is such a lovely person to be around.
Kelly is such a fantastic teacher! This was my first training with her, but it left me wanting to learn more from her. If you have the opportunity come up, I 100% recommend working with her :)
Such a great experience! So lucky to have Kelly in GR & the opportunity to develop a new skill to incorporate into my teaching! If you ever have the chance to take one of her classes, whether yoga or a training do not hesitate, her humor, knowledge & presence will help you grow!
I have so much gratitude for Kelly and the work she is doing, as well as the space she is holding to train others. The training was exactly what I was hoping to get. The information was clear and wonderfully put together and the experiential aspect let you "feel" what you will be teaching and what it would feel like to actually teach Yoga Nidra. Kelly has a wonderful energy and a soothing voice that was meant to be a role model for what calm softness sounds like, which makes the experience even better. I would definitely recommend to others and do it all over again! The world needs to experience more things that allow our nervous systems to completely relax and Yoga Nidra delivers that. Much gratitude!!!!
Kelly was so thorough and a great teacher! I'm looking forward to my next training with her.
I had a great time. Time schedule/length of material worked out well. Information was in abundance. After a subject is discussed, we did recall and lots of practice to ensure material is comprehended without any questions. Safe environment and comfortable atmosphere. I would highly recommend any training or retreat with Kelly!
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my last retreat with Kelly and Sam. I learned so much from both of them about health and nutrition, breathing exercises, meditation and yoga. I would highly recommend going on one of their retreats! You would learn and benefit from it in many ways. I plan on going on more of their retreats in future.
By Patricia Flaherty for Ignite 2019 on 5 Jan, 19
Kelly and Sam create an inviting environment to help you work on YOU. This retreat provides a safe space where you can work through any disconnections between your body and mind. It also helps you develop your sense of community and trust in others. I have met so many wonderful people at these retreats. I’ve been twice and planning on a third. The yoga, energy healing, and breath work sessions are fantastic. They really help you bring focus to your mind and body. The food that Sam prepares is wonderful and helps me with food ideas that I can begin to incorporate into my daily life. I highly recommend attending an Ignite retreat.
By Margaret O’Donnell for Ignite 2019 on 5 Jan, 19
The retreat was absolutely awesome!!! Yoga ,meditation and the breathwork was just what the soul needed. Clean meals was delicious. Accommodation at Lake wolf was beautiful and comfortable. This is my second retreat with Kelly and she always makes it a special experience.
By Clinton Hurley for Ignite 2019 on 3 Jan, 19
I really enjoyed the class. It was a great mix of readings, hands-on and getting to know one another and share ideas. It was well worth the time and money.
Taking any kind of teacher training with Kelly is going to be an amazing, rewarding, and highly impactful experience. Not only did Kelly clearly set us up for success with plenty of chances to experience yoga nidra, but she also guided us through important philosophical discussions so that we're prepared for the kinds of questions future students may ask us. I couldn't ask for a kinder, more intuitive teacher. Can't wait for the next opportunity to learn!
I can't begin to tell you how wonderful my yoga workshop was with Kelly and Sam. It was very thought provoking, educational and inspiring. I learned to much about different forms of yoga, health and nutrition and about myself. I look forward to the next yoga workshop in December. Thank you so much! On a scale of marvelous to fantastic, you get a triple stupendous.
I had an amazing experience with this 25 hour meditation training. Kelly was such a fun, informative, and compassionate leader and I genuinely enjoyed the whole experience! I had very little experience with meditation and came out feeling like I had been doing it for years. Definitely recommend to anyone trying to improve his or her life!
Kelly is the best! Always very professional, prepared and kind to everyone. Really enjoyed it!
The workshop was phenomenal! Everything was organized well, and the teaching was, per usual, of the highest quality. There was so much to cover, but it didn't seem overwhelming thanks to strategic breaks and Kelly's intuition of when we needed to change gears. The setting was this gorgeous house, and even the weather blessed us with the soundtrack of rain to help lull us into a more meditative state. Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet amazing new people, bond over an appreciation of meditation, and learn what we needed to not only set up a powerful personal practice, but also prepare us for leading others in a more meditative life.
Kelly was a great instructor and the training was incredible. She provided the class with an amazing manual that she wrote herself. I hope to take a class with her again in the future.
This was the best women get away retreat. Time away and meeting new wonderful people and the best food! Totally great.
Kelly is the best! The setting was beautiful, food was delicious, and the yoga classes were perfect. The choices of activities or not was wonderful. I chose to spend time by myself napping, reading, and using the hot tub. If she does this retreat next year I will definitely attend!
This was a wonderful experience. Very beautiful location and doing yoga in a yurt was fantastic. I really enjoyed the fellowship with people I didn't know. It was a learning experience that took me out of my comfort zone. The meals were delicious and very healthy. This retreat had a nice balance of free time and organized activities. I really had a great time and learned many things to strengthen my yoga and meditation practice. Kelly is a very skilled and organized leader.
This was the best yoga retreat I've been on to date. First, the location was gorgeous, close to great activities, and the house where we stayed was comfortable, clean, and set up well for our needs. Having a hot tub was a great addition, and the yurt for yoga was GORGEOUS. However, location is only a tiny part of a retreat. What really makes or breaks the experience is the person leading the retreat. Kelly is phenomenal in this regard. She began with excellent communication before the retreat, checking on nutritional needs of the guests, any special requests, and giving valuable information on traveling and activities, as well as packing suggestions. She even helped me connect with other locals leaving from my location in Missouri so we could carpool. Once there, we found everything organized well, including little gifts on our beds to help us settle in and an itinerary that helped us plan our days. While everything was ultimately optional, most of us participated in everything, and still had time to do other activities, like exploring the local area and spending some time at the beach. The yoga sessions were geared for multiple levels of ability, and she was very clear about giving modifications for those who wanted more or less challenge. She also worked with us during private sessions, and bent over backwards (sometimes literally) to make us feel comfortable, encouraged, and loved. If you ever have a chance to go to a retreat, and want a highly supportive, engaging, and restorative experience, I highly recommend anything by Kelly or Yoga for You. It doesn't matter if you're a complete newbie to yoga and meditation, or are an experienced instructor looking for a break--she will provide an experience you will treasure forever.