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It was a fabulous trip! Beautiful location. Yoga, food, activities, weather and accommodations were excellent. Would definitely go back.
The trip was absolutely incredible. The perfect blend of planned activities, optional ones, and down time. Suzanne's yoga classes were truly amazing and inspiring. Suzanne was also extremely attentive to detail and to each individual's needs as the retreat leader. I really enjoyed getting to know her and the other amazing yogis I met, I miss them all already. Villa Sumaya (and Lake Atitlan in general) is gorgeous and magical place to explore, and the food was always fresh and delicious.
This was one of the best trips I have ever been on, and I have traveled to almost 40 countries! Suzanne's yoga classes were great, the other ceremonies and activities helped us experience the local culture and sights, and the food was AMAZING! I want to go back.
Suzanne does her research and I always feel safe traveling with her. I appreciate that Suzanne plans/offers excursions and other activities in addition to yoga as I am an active person and cherish getting out to see the new culture/vibes that surround me.
We cannot describe this trip!!! Too many great memories to place into a description. Suzanne was absolutely phenomenal as a host, teacher and guide during our adventure to Guatemala. The location on Lake Atitlan at Villa Sumaya was one of a kind in the best ways possible. Everyone from staff to locals were incredibly hospitable and kind. We have been raving to our friends and family about this wonderful surprise of a trip. If you have the time take the trip, if you do not have the time make the time. It will be well worth it. Both my fiance and I left Guatemala with a sense of gratitude, joy and relaxation because of Suzanne and the wonderful people at Villa Sumaya. Take a chance with Suzanne and get out into the world! It will be well worth it!!
As a tired momma in desperate need of a getaway, this retreat really hit the spot. The yoga kept me grounded throughout the weekend; the hiking met my need for exercise and adventure, the food was delicious, and the group I went with was a blast. I can't wait to go back next year!
We had an AMAZING time! It was the first time I could have my cell phone turned off all weekend. The area was just beautiful! The food was excellent. Thank you for hosting this trip!
The trip was refreshing. Lots of activities, but not required to do anything. Suzanne and Jeremy are great leaders and are very relaxed and calm. They made the trip enjoyable and did a great job organizing everything. Would definitely go again!
If you are looking for leisure and healthy exercise this is the trip for you. Hot springs and a massage are about as leisurely as one can get juxtaposed against yoga, hikes and any other athletic endeavors a guest might want to engage in! Food was nourishing and plentiful, accommodations were comfortable and the other guests were interesting and pleasant. Our hosts (Suzanne and Jeremy) ensured everyone was reaching their potential.
I loved this trip!!!! Great people, beautiful nature, amazing new adventures! Can’t wait until next year!!!
Such an awesome experience. It was a wonderful venue. I enjoyed every bit of it and can’t wait to do another retreat!
We had a good time. More warning on the daily temperature drop would have been nice. I should have packed warmer clothing. The staff and food at. Joyful Journey were helpful and patient, especially since I kept changing my spa appointments. The massage I received was awesome. Best parts were morning yoga, watching the moon rising, meeting other retreat attendees, of which one was a close neighbor I had not met before. Suzanne and Jeremy were engaged throughout the entire retreat. Great job!
This was a wonderful trip. I enjoyed meeting everyone. Suzanne and Jeremy were flexible in arranging the schedule to meet everyone's needs. I was able to find my calm place in the midst of some big life changes on this trip. The food and accommodations were excellent. Thank you!