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I am so glad I took this trip, such a great way to decompress, connect with others and spend time with yourself. Each day of the trip was planned well and there was plenty of variety and options. The yoga classes were phenomenal with the view and level of difficulty as the week went on. The view and location of the retreat was fabulous. Food, amenities and services were amazing. I would take the opportunity to go on a retreat with Flow Yoga Adventures, you will be happy you did!
By Jamie D for Yoga Adventures in Guatamala 2021 on 06 May, 2021
Individual paces encouraged. Individual personalities flourished. Personal limitations discovered and then bent. Space, rest, nature, good health, healthy spirit, exploratory minds and solid relationship connections. Exactly what a retreat should be.
By Tiffany E for Yoga Adventures in Guatamala 2021 on 04 May, 2021
Love this Tiffany! Thank you for taking the time to share your beautifully articulated thoughts and what you enjoyed.
By Flow Yoga Adventures on 05 May, 2021
It was a fabulous trip! Beautiful location. Yoga, food, activities, weather and accommodations were excellent. Would definitely go back.
By Kim S for Yoga Adventures in Guatamala on 19 Nov, 2019