Past Trips


A truly unique experience. Everything was magnificent: the new friendships, the sharing, the journey across beautiful ecosystems, the food, the new sensations, unusual meditations, finding peace in the unknown, the presence in the walk. An eyeopening experience. There's a before and after. Life is relationship and the most beautiful thing I take with we from this adventure is a different way of knowing myself and the relationship I have with plants and trees, with the soil, the birds, sound and silence, with the river and the rain. I recognize myself, I am the forest.
By Bruno G for Travesía Nevado Valle Septiembre 2023 on Sep 20, 2023
Fue una experiencia muy linda.
By MARIA E G for Travesía Nevado Valle Septiembre 2023 on Sep 19, 2023
I really enjoyed the hiking and the chance to meet a great group of women.
By Kate N for Mujer Montaña Tlayacapan on Sep 19, 2023