Past Trips


Angela arranged a fantastic trip to Madrid and Barcelona for me. The hotels were great and located right in the center or both cities. I had access to all the sites and restaurants. Angela set up a train trip from Madrid to Barcelona that gave me a wonderful unique view of the country and it was an easy trip and very relaxing. I stayed at ME Melia in Madrid and 1898 in Barcelona and they were great hotels with rooftop bars and restaurants. This trip was relaxing and wonderful and I would greatly suggest it to anyone. Angela you are truly great at your job.
By Marsha P for MARSHA TAKES MADRID! on Sep 19, 2023
My Family Vacation to the Bahamas was Immaculate!! There are not enough words to describe it, just to name a few tho…..serenity, peace, beauty, excellent service, great rooms, sooooo much Amazing Food!! I am excited to go back and Ms. Angela was Awesome, pleasant, professional, patient and a great sense of humor with a knowledge base that is superior! Thank You! We will use you again!!
By YOLANDA B for IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! on Jun 09, 2023
I loved the city but the hotel accmmidations did not match my flight information. We had to check out on March 21 but our flight did not leave until the 22 of march. The guy that was to take us on excursions charged us more than an uber. It was 8 of us. I had to pay 404 dollars for an extra night. Angela was supposed to call the resort and see if we could get a comp room. They said she booked our rooms on expedia. My cousins had to book a room at the double tree hotel. I would never book a vacation with her again
I'm sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. it sounds like your group leader made decisions that didn't meet your expectations. It's important to communicate your concerns with the leader and the group to address any issues. It can be quite frustrating when the details provided don't align with the actual experience. Open communication can often help resolve misunderstandings and improve the overall experience. Unfortunately, due to contractual agreements with my host agency we are not allowed to book through OTA’s (online travel agencies Ex. Expedia, Priceline, etc.) If there's anything specific, you'd like to know or discuss further, feel free to ask. I'll be happy to help.