Wow is an understatement when it comes to trying to describe how absolutely amazing this surf clinic with Chix Surf School and Indulge Maldives was. Probably the fact that this is my 4 th trip with them speaks how good it is . Everything from the meals to the surfing to extra activities were all organised for us. We went snorkeling with the Nurse Sharks, snorkeling a ship wreck , a boat trip to a sandbank in the middle of the ocean and an awesome day trip to Club Med.. So many great memories made that will last for ever not only with what we did but also the fact I meet amazing surf women from all round the world . The hotel where we stayed was perfect for us and the staff were always there to help us when ever we needed them and were super nice . I also loved that we got to try different restaurants on the island and I was extremely happy with the variety of restaurants that we tried and the food at Reef Edge , where we stayed ,was amazing too . I can’t speak more highly of the surf coaching staff. They are brilliant I can’t get over how they helped all of us in and out of the water . They took us to different surf spots over the duration of the clinic we were able to surf left and rights. Then with all the videos taken of our surfing we were then analysed by our coaches . This was invaluable and I know my surfing improved while I was there and I will leave knowing I have things to work on that will improve my surfing even more . At the end of our trip we took home all the amazing photos and videos that were taken of us by Maldives number one Photographer Hupa . So many people have commented on how good the videos and photos are I would highly recommend to anyone to book a surf trip through Indulge Maldives and Chix Surf School . It's a trip of a lifetime and can’t wait to go again next year .
I had a good time, but unfortunately I had quite a lot of disappointment with the trip. I was quite disappointed with the coaching provided for the surfing. I hardly got any coaching in the water, that was why I particularly went there for. The coach mainly concentrated on the people that she was friends with and it was made quite obvious that they were her main priority. With the skill level of the group we would have been better off to do 1 hour a day on land with body movements for turns. Instead we spent 3 hours out in the water and with only 2 coaches quite a few of us got little to no coaching at all in the water. I honestly feel like I would have been better off to spend that money at home On coaching and I would have got a lot more out of it. The food at indulge never changed for dinners and was very average, The last nights dinner could have been something different. Overall I had a good time however left very dissatisfied with quite a number of things.
Hi Julie, Thank you for your honesty we strive to refine & improve the Chix trip annually & do take on board any feedback shared by our valued clients. We are however quite surprised to receive your review Julie & learn of all this just now, as nothing was mentioned throughout the 11 days in the Maldives with you. We would like to point out this is the first of its kind review we have received over the past five years of running the Chix Surf School trips. It is surprising to hear you would have preferred only one hour surf time daily especially since on your beginning day of the trip you assumed one surf session of 3 hours was not going to be enough for you & we specifically had the conversation with you to really encourage you to pace yourself at the start of the retreat, especially in the extreme heat. This is as most past feedback we have received from the past clinics is that by the end of the 11 day trip of a fast paced schedule, surf & muscle fatigue set in. That’s why we also bring on a physical therapist to relive muscle tension & have a wholistic approach to the trip. It is also interesting to hear in a small group of 9, you were disappointed with only access to 2 professional surf coaches & 3hrs daily surf time daily…. After 5 years of running the trips & taking onboard client feedback, the surfing session as one large 3hr surf is largely preferable over a 1hr surf or 2x daily surfing sessions. This is especially given with the strong currents & people struggle to paddle against the current on the 2nd session, leads to a faster decline in fatigue. All aspects considered, we do feel the coaching painted in your review was not quite accurate Julie - both coaches always went above and beyond every surf, splitting the peaks & moving around to assist everyone equally to catch waves, refine technique & hold their confidence in the line up. Yourself included. We feel it’s also important to reflect on whether you surfed with the group near the coaches or chose a more independent approach to your surfing sessions & whether the coaching that was offered was taken onboard. The dinners at Indulge - this is confusing as we did not do the dinners at Indulge - only one pizza - all dinners were at 4 different restaurants throughout the 11 days so plenty of variety & choice on offer including both buffet & a la cart meals catering to dietary requirements. It is also important to remember the trip was held on a small remote island during Ramadan time, where everything is flown & shipped in bi-weekly by local ferry, not a five-star resort - it’s all imported & dependent on supply. Judging by the amount of five-star reviews we’ve received over the last five years & this being one of a kind remark, it would have been appropriate for any issues to have been discussed in the moment with us so we could have made adjustments for you to enhance your Maldives & coaching experience Julie. We are both surprised & sorry you left the beautiful Maldives & all the trip had to offer with an overall feeling of disappointed :( We also missed you joining the group on the Vaavu day.
Maldives is an incredible destination but with Kristie at the helm we were able to have a really authentic experience with the local Maldivians. They were so kind in sharing their beautiful country and all the culture to go with it. Surfing was the best but wouldn’t have been the same without the local influence.