Past Trips


I signed up to be a chaperone on this trip, and even though it was a great trip, the tour guide and company lacked on multiple fronts. With such a large group (200+)and only having 2 tour leaders was completely unacceptable, this left chaperones to fend for themselves and their group. When we were in groups, communication was lacking-we had no idea of changes in the schedule until the very last minute, then felt rushed to group up and many times people were left behind in busy areas making them find their own way. The Hotel was in no way capable to accommodate a group of our size, 25 floors with 2 elevators that could only fit 8 people- hotel breakfast that the students were not allowed to actually go down to eat- but was delivered and some rooms were missed, that caused added stress to everyone. Food Group orders were often shorted, and some people did not get to eat a meal that was included in the tour. My daughter and I traveled before the group and therefore did not pay for the airline ticket provided but felt the food stipend and travel cost (shuttle etc) that were added to the all-inclusive price should have been given for those travel days- we missed out on 3 meals that I feel was still part of the all-inclusive tour. NYC was beautiful, fun and exciting but unfortunately the tour company did not plan accordingly for our group size, location and overall organization to help make it run smoothly.
By Jade P for Madison Junior High Orchestra on Apr 19, 2024
I was amazed at all the planning that happened to make this trip possible with so many youth and adults. There were many details worked out to get the instruments where they needed to be, to get meals to us, and to communicate where we are going and when. We were able to see so many great places in a few days. Thanks for all your efforts! It was a wonderful trip!
By Kierstena R for Madison Junior High Orchestra on Apr 18, 2024
This whole trip was just amazing. Sara did such a great job putting everything together. One of the best parts was that if there was an issue with the trip, I did not have to worry about it. Sara took care of everything. Now we did not really have any big issues, but I think that is just because the planning was so well done. The students I took had a blast and were able to bring so many valuable memories and lessons back. As a teacher, it was so nice to go on a trip and have someone else in charge of all the details like room, food, activities, and transportation. This allowed me to just focus on my students and help them with their photography. Every part of our trip was handled professionally. I would have no problem sending my child on a trip with Infinity. They made sure everyone was safe and that the students were taken care of. I will never tour without Infinity again. I can just not say enough about how well the trip was put together and run.
By Michael F for Rigby Photography Trip to Alaska on Apr 17, 2024