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It’s been over a week since returning home from my retreat with Joan and I’m still on cloud zen …I knew this retreat was going to be everything I needed but ended up being every more then that .. Joan is an amazing teacher / mentor and the places she chooses to hold space is always fabulous!! Looking forward to the next retreat .. Namaste
By Lisa C for Twenty Five Hour Teacher Training Intensive in Mexico on 26 Jan, 2022
Thanks Lisa! I loved having your amazing energy on this retreat. Much Love!
By Joan Hyman on 26 Jan, 2022
Life-changing! I thoroughly enjoying this week studying the Koshas with Joan Hyman. The yoga content was challenging and informative. Playa Viva eco-resort is heaven on earth. The group of yogis were so special. I loved it so much that I already booked my next retreat with Joan to Costa Rica in June. Thank you ❤️
By Stacey S for Twenty Five Hour Teacher Training Intensive in Mexico on 22 Jan, 2022
Yeah! Love you Stacy and so happy you enjoyed this retreat and I will be seeing you again in June!
By Joan Hyman on 22 Jan, 2022
To put it simply.. I didn’t want this trip to end!! Playa Viva is so peaceful and serene, Joan Hyman is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, and easy to connect with, and it was fun getting to know the other yogis who joined the retreat. Overall, I learned a lot and had an absolute blast!
By Liz L for Twenty Five Hour Teacher Training Intensive in Mexico on 20 Jan, 2022
Yeah! So happy you had such a positive experience Liz! It was great to have you!
By Joan Hyman on 20 Jan, 2022