Past Trips


I am truly grateful for this trip. The Rise of the Divine Feminine has sincerely changed my life. I love myself. I love all the ups and downs of navigating life and learning how to breathe while still being my authentic self. I love the admiration I have for learning and being around beautiful black women without being in a state of negativity. I no longer live in a state of fear or doubt. I don't let any of the insecurities that used to drive me crazy, control my life anymore. I have significantly higher standers for energetic exchange. And to top it off, I have also accepted my connection with Spirit (this I'm most grateful for). Truly grateful to Omi for being a beautiful representation of what a Divine Woman truly is. Not only did I see the most beautiful places and people, but I was literally surrounded throughout beautiful representations of myself. i.e MY SOUL SISTAS. Lol. I truly made lifetime family on this trip and we all had one mission. To better ourselves so we can better the world around us. Needless to say, if you're having doubts about registering or questioning how you're even going to pay for the flight; you'll miss out if you don't. Divine always makes a way. In a state of much gratitude, Ja'leta Hammond
By Ja'leta Hammond for The Soulcare Retreat on Feb 27, 2020
This trip was necessary for me and beautifully curated by Omi. The energy of the women were unmatched and the practices we learnt for our own betterment were gems that I will carry with me throughout the generations. I haven’t stopped telling people about it and I don’t plan on stopping either. Plan to take yourself down a journey with yourself, with the provision of a beautiful environment to do so! I fully recommend this retreat and I’m planning to make it a yearly retreat! Thanks again Omi, so proud of you! x
By Francini Brice for The Soulcare Retreat on Feb 24, 2020
The SoulCare Retreat was an amazing experience. This trip far exceeded my expectations, and they were pretty high to begin with. So much fun, sun, community, SOULCARE, and learning experiences. I will 10/10 book again with Omi and the SoulCare retreat. So many beautiful souls brought together to create this experience, everything was just awesome. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it all! Love and Light!
By Tina Farlow for The Soulcare Retreat on Feb 18, 2020