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I really enjoyed the personal development I got out of this experience. All three staff members, Audrey, Zara Ra and Delphine were so helpful through the whole process. I hope to come back to this little island one day. The morning meals were fantastic, it was a bit tough to focus with the humidity ( floor fans would be a good idea). I loved that there was a pool on the grounds to cool off at and it was a very inviting environment. Thank you all for a wonderful and much needed experience.
By Thanuja V for 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali February 2024 on Feb 25, 2024
Thank You Thanuja for taking the time to share your experience. All the best to you
By Yoga Dunia on Feb 26, 2024
Thank you for your request. I would be happy to give my experience and perspective of my stay. Frame: Excellent setting on a tropical island, very good and healthy breakfast, homemade tea and fruit juice throughout the day. Very nice institute and a very competent and warm trainer! — As a customer who was looking forward to her first yoga asana training: Unfortunately, this week was anything but pleasant for me. I have taken many courses and seminars over the years (I'm in my mid-50s) and have always gone home stronger and made new friends. As part of a “yoga teacher training” of all places, I felt excluded, neither seen nor heard. One of the participants (certified yoga teachers) yelled at me when I wanted to give my perspective on a situation/misinterpretation. I left the center and felt the impulse to stop training, which in retrospect might have been beneficial. The situation reminded me of children's birthday parties, where the adults do not (or cannot) sufficiently fulfill their role as peacemakers and the excluded child is picked up. — Feedback from the perspective of a SeminarCenter founder and leader, long-time trainer of multicultural groups and lifestyle coach: The dissatisfaction resulted, among other things, from the course offering (also open to non-yoga certified participants like me), which was not sufficiently defined and whose potential was not exhausted. Our trainer set initiatives in the form of food for thought to improve the mood. The secretariat tried to please everyone. The problem could have been solved immediately by addressing it directly so that it didn't overshadow the remaining training days like a cloud. — as a yoga practitioner: I would like to thank everyone involved for the experiences I was able to have. I am sorry that we have not been able to create a peaceful space within this framework. I look forward to meeting everyone again and doing better next time. Namaste. I am happy to answer any questions or suggestions regarding my implementation Best regards Adelaide
By Adelheid G for 50hr Aerial Yoga Teacher Training December 2023 on Dec 22, 2023
YTT 200 hr training was a life changer and so much more than I expected. The training was immersive and provided strong foundational knowledge and practice of Yin and Yang. Our teachers Pilu and Claire were amazing so professional and available. They created a safe and peaceful learning environment to explore.
By Veronica K for 200 hour Yin-Yang Yoga Teacher Training November 2023 on Dec 08, 2023
Thank you, Veronica, for taking the time to share your experience. It was a real pleasure to meet you. I wish you all the best, hope to see you again good good!!!
By Yoga Dunia on Dec 08, 2023