Past Trips

Weekend Yoga Retreat
Weekend Yoga Retreat
Calistoga, CA, United States
24 Feb, 2017


Had an amazing Yoga retreat experience!! The entire trip from start to finish was perfect and thoughtful in every way. Margi Yound our Yoga Retreat host, the dedicated and talented esort team delighting us with delicious food at every meal to the comfortable and accommodating bungalow (best sleep I've had in months). The resort is simply gorgeous with well maintained accommodations and visual appeal everywhere you look in nature. The offerings are abundant and are cohesive with the eco dynamics of the resort.
By Carrie M for Playa Viva Retreat on 24 Jan, 2019
Margi holds the yogic space like no one else I know. She is completely present, authentic and responsive to each moment and every situation. It is a rich honor to receive the vastness of her yogic offering. She balances her sparkling eyes, beaming smile and laugh with an invitation to a settling, deep inward journey. Playa Viva is delicious in every sense of the word. It is a beautiful place of right livelihood propelled by the most gracious and competent staff.
By Melisse R for Playa Viva Retreat on 24 Jan, 2019
An idyllic mountain retreat and the best possible people to experience the focus, calm and gentle self care of a weekend retreat.
By Jemima K for Weekend Yoga Retreat on 16 Mar, 2017