Past Trips


Had an amazing Yoga retreat experience!! The entire trip from start to finish was perfect and thoughtful in every way. Margi Yound our Yoga Retreat host, the dedicated and talented esort team delighting us with delicious food at every meal to the comfortable and accommodating bungalow (best sleep I've had in months). The resort is simply gorgeous with well maintained accommodations and visual appeal everywhere you look in nature. The offerings are abundant and are cohesive with the eco dynamics of the resort.
By Carrie McAllen for Playa Viva Retreat on 24 Jan, 19
Margi holds the yogic space like no one else I know. She is completely present, authentic and responsive to each moment and every situation. It is a rich honor to receive the vastness of her yogic offering. She balances her sparkling eyes, beaming smile and laugh with an invitation to a settling, deep inward journey. Playa Viva is delicious in every sense of the word. It is a beautiful place of right livelihood propelled by the most gracious and competent staff.
We had an incredible time on this day long yoga retreat. Margi is an incredible and knowledgeable yoga instructor, the facilities were calming and immaculate and the group was warm and welcoming. I am very much looking forward to the next opportunity I have to practice with Margi at a retreat such as this. Highly recommend!
Margi's yoga teaching is good for every-body and I always enjoy the subtle alignment cues and ability to make the poses personal. Margi welcomes you to go at your own pace while also making space for advanced poses and to hold the pose just enough so that you feel the strength and sanctity of it all. At this daylong retreat the teaching was amplified by gorgeous nature and quiet and access to the magic of Muir beach. I hope she does this again next year.
Margi brings a joyfulness and generosity to her yoga classes. Her approach is thoughtful and flexible. The setting was lovely, with the fragrance of flowers and a gentle breeze coming through the studio. A healthy and tasty lunch was provided. The location was ideal: very accessible from San Francisco, but still felt remote and tranquil, and was walking distance from the beach.
An idyllic mountain retreat and the best possible people to experience the focus, calm and gentle self care of a weekend retreat.
By Jemima Kiss for Weekend Yoga Retreat on 16 Mar, 17
It was a peace-inducing, transformationally apt kind of surprise weekend wherein I met a rogue's gallery of kind and beautiful strangers riding some Good Ship toward true breath being helmed by three of the most sagacious and badass Jedi yogis leading us over the plains of being human in this world through the dust storms of sorrow, confusion or despair and right into the Rebellion of our most luminous True Selves -- all via some damn yoga! I was nervous about going alone to a weekend with observed 'silent mornings' and unknown bunk mates and I was so pleasantly and thoroughly surprised at what a genuine, gentle and impactful time I had. Truly beautiful and entirely 'contents may have shifted during shipping' kind of weekend. The classes were perfectly balanced and clear and accessible, the instruction was fun and clear and useful. The gathering was very special. Thank you so much to everyone there- and deepest bow to Margi, Sarah and Christie for putting yourselves together with us and sharing your knowledge and talents. It is a gift to have met you all. xoxox
Warm, fun, educational, well rounded, healing. Lovely teachers who are at the top of their game.
By renee colby for Weekend Yoga Retreat on 8 Mar, 17
What an incredible treat to be taught by three of the top yoga teachers in the country! Margi, Sarah and Christie are incredibly thoughtful, diligent, careful instructors and the retreat was wonderful! Gorgeous setting and nutritious, tasty food, too!
By Nicole Kwan for Weekend Yoga Retreat on 8 Mar, 17
This trip was the perfect mix of relaxation, fun, reflection and physical rejuvenation. Margi, Sarah and Christie created a thoughtful schedule that made it feel like there was plenty of time for all the above. I did a lot of yoga, took a hike, meditated on nature, enjoyed the hot tub, talked with the other yogis, got a Thai yoga massage, and even got some reading in. After the retreat, I noticed the few days off (and possibly the silent nights and mornings) had broken what I only realized in retrospect was a growing internet addiction. It was amazing how refreshed just from going to this oasis only a short distance from the Bay Area. Also, I have to thank the Mayacamas staff for making the meals I needed given that I'm dealing with some medical issues and have to eat a restricted diet. I'm definitely going back next year -- absolutely loved this retreat.
By Laura Shin for Weekend Yoga Retreat on 7 Mar, 17
The yoga retreat at Mayacamas was a myriad of wonders! In a breathtaking location, we were nurtured, stretched (literally!) fed beautiful, healthy food and given time and space for ourselves to visit with friends, dream , nap , read and rest. Beside the traditional yoga classes we had meditation, yoga nidra (a type of restorative yoga) and a beautiful restorative class. I came away feeling rested and rejuvenated! A memorable time!
Totally awesome! Margie, Christie and Sarah are fantastic and 2 weeks later I am still reaping the rewards of mindful breathing, yoga inspiration and intention. Loved learning yoga modifications and loved the spirits nature of this beautiful retreat. Thank you Margie, Christie and Sarah xoxo, Anita
Lovely weekend. Yoga guidance and instruction was terrific and inspiring. Food and scenery at Mayacamas Ranch unbeatable!
From my heart to yours: I like you, I like me With you, I feel me That is class with you three ???
Margi Young, Sarah Trelease and Christie Clark are a treasured gift to the practice of Yoga. Whatever level one may be or wherever one is in their life these teachers allow and give so much room for growth, validation and happiness.