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This was a wonderful travel opportunity for introverts. Melissa did a great job of organizing and running everything!
This retreat was really sensational. I didn’t know what to expect, but was still pleasantly impressed and surprised throughout. I loved the gentle yoga, the lodging choices in both Antigua and Lake Atitlán, the daily events, and the highlight was meeting everyone. This was my first trip with Melissa, but it will not be my last. I really stepped out and did something unexpected for me and it paid off greatly. I am truly privileged and grateful to have went on this retreat. Also, throughout the whole trip, the spirit of the Guatemala culture made me inspired to learn and do more in my culture, in my own neighborhood. I can’t put into words how magical this retreat really was.
I was in need of some decompression and this trip did exactly what I needed. Melissa is the best at balancing enough things to do with the right amount of down time. I have immensely enjoyed every trip I have been on with Melissa and will continue to take trips with her. The introvert/HSP focus is right up my alley. Since everyone is the same there is no pressure for participation in group activities. I loved it!
This trip was absolutely wonderful! This was my first time on one of Melissa's retreats, but it will not be the last! As an introvert, this is the first trip I've ever been on which met two of my main needs: 1. the ability to connect with people on a deeper level and 2. the time to think about what I've experienced. The itinerary was set in such a way that we weren't running from place to place, with no time to talk to the people we were visiting. When an excursion was finished, there was time to think about what I'd just experienced. I was solo on this trip - didn't know anyone else in the group - which is always a little nerve wracking, but the group was wonderful. Everyone gave space and support and laughter and hugs (if you wanted them :-). Melissa is a fabulous leader - working with the group to make sure everyone was comfortable (mentally and physically). She understands the introvert & HSP sensitivities so well! If you're thinking of going on one of Melissa's retreats, but weren't sure...go! You won't regret it.
This is a wonderful trip with amazing leaders and guests with whom lasting bonds are bound to form. Sitting up in bed every morning to look out at Lake Atitlan and the volcanos was pure magic. I loved connecting with the people at the weaving cooperative, cooking school and children’s library. Melissa creates a welcoming and kind environment and sets up the perfect mix of activity and down time. If you’re an introvert and/or HSP, these trips are for you!
One of the most beautiful places I've been in the world! The food was beyond fantastic! Melissa had everything organized so well that it seemed seamless. Rich's yoga classes are enhanced with his extensive knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology, besides creating a very playful and fun environment. Everything was made so easy! Absolutely loved this trip, the people, and everything about the place!
This was one of the top trips of my life. The location is incredible. Melissa's planning made every day more seamless and special than the last. Rich is far and away the best yoga teacher I've ever had. His ability to teach alignment while smoothly guiding you through a series of flows over the week that subtly build on each other while delivering beautiful, funny and touching dharma was magical. I honestly can't say enough about these two, this place and this experience. So much love!
Melissa's experience in organizing retreats really shows in her organization, selection of Valentins Pachamama journeys as tour guide, resort selection, communication with staff, organization of all our entrance tickets, train tickets, required passport info, hotel for Machu Picchu. She was kind but firm when she needed to be. 'Herding cats' is not easy with 16 onery yogi's in tow. I will say that some of the retreat attendees were not physically prepared or knowledgeable about some of the activities they signed up for. I think it is recommended when travelling out of country to always have antibiotic for GI distress. Additionally we had option to do a sweat lodge/temazcal. Some guidance/info on hydration, need to replenish electrolytes etc would have prevented some from feeling ill afterwards. While none of this was a reflection on Melissa, attendees need to have some personal accountability for knowing what they are capable of (or not), especially in a foreign country. Overall Melissa is a tremendous retreat host and I highly recommend her retreats. I would sign up for another retreat with her any day.
10 stars! I can not say enough good things about this trip in Peru. Every detail was taken care of and I was able to fully enjoy myself and do the inner work I needed without any stress. Melissa was amazing in her organization of all trip details and making sure we had everything and any kind of support we needed. Very well organized, a great balance of free time and wonderful and profound activities planned. The food at the retreat center was phenomenal! The views were breathtaking. The group energy was amazing. It was a profoundly transformative week for me and I am so grateful for the experience. I felt very supported and look forward to joining another retreat with Melissa. With Love, Olesya
This retreat far exceeded my expectations. I have travelled throughout much of South America so while I knew I would enjoy the trip, I didn't expect to learn as much as I did about the Peruvian culture in such a short period of time. In addition, it was nice to be among so many kindred spirits and to feel like I could truly be myself, As a bonus, I returned home with several new friends. I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga classes and Melissa's calm spirit as she guided us through different poses and deeper reflection about ourselves. It was also wonderful to not have to worry about organizing anything because Melissa was on top of it all. The whole week went so smoothly and our group clicked so beautifully--I think the harmony of our group had a lot to do with the positive, supportive and loving tone set by Melissa and her co-leader Michael. I definitely plan on taking another trip with Melissa.
The location, accommodations, food, yoga, day trips, guides, and activities on this retreat were all topnotch! The whole experience was incredibly well curated by Melissa Renzi, who made sure we were all taken care of and had the opportunity to learn about the local culture. I would recommend this experience to anybody who wants exposure to Peruvian historic sites, ritual, and amazing meals; time in nature to reflect and heal; and concentrated time to practice asana and meditation with expert instruction.
This trip exceeded all expectations! The trip was extremely organized with plenty of opportunity for additional experiences beyond the planned activities and yet still left room for down time so I could re-charge. I will definitely participate in another one of Melissa's retreats!
Excellent in every way. Lovely facilities, great food, interesting activities, and high level yoga.
Melissa and We Travel gave me an incredible and stress free travel experience of Peru and Machu Picchu. Everything was looked after beyond my expectations and Melissa is an awesome yoga instructor and travel facilitator. Our retreat space was beautiful yet simple and the food was so delicious and healthy. I highly recommend any travel with Melissa and We Travel??❤️
I can hardly say enough good words about this trip and the organizer, Melissa Renzi. Melissa led us in yoga sessions most mornings and often a second time later in the day. For me, these sessions provided a valuable opportunity to approach each day revitalized and mindful. Melissa is a caring and gifted yoga instructor, who managed to create in each session a rich experience for students whose yoga abilities ranged from beginner to pretty advanced. The way Melissa planned for the sites we visited resulted in what felt more like an intimate cultural experience than a typical tourist checklist. For example, the retreat center where stayed employed local people from the nearby town of Calca and our interpretive guide grew up in the Sacred Valley and spoke not only Spanish and English, but also Quechua. The introvert and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) focus of this particular trip in April 2019 made for the most congenial travel I've experienced with a group. The itinerary was carefully planned to include meaningful visits to local initiatives (a women's weaving cooperative; an ongoing support project for a school attended by pre-Kindergarten-age children, and more) and important archaeological sites, as well as building in a perfect amount of personal time for us introverts to use to re-charge or explore other interests on our own. A wonderfully memorable trip!
This is my second HSP/Introvert retreat of Melissa's that I've attended over the past year. They are outstanding, well-planned opportunities for HSP/Introverts to enjoy/explore amazing places, practice morning yoga if desired, participate in one-on-one (or small group) discussions during the day, and eat excellent gourmet-level meals. PLUS spend whatever time desired by each individual for solo relaxation. Melissa has these trips DOWN to an art/science at this point, with her many iterations and fine-tunings over the past few years. The host resorts chosen are terrific, and the more-relaxed pace (than typical tours) is soooo much more enjoyable for us HSP/Introverts. As a bonus, her prices are more reasonable than other tours to similar places. She is a delightful leader and a skilled yoga teacher, with a sensitive energetic and lots of caring and attention for each attendee. I highly recommend signing up for one of her trips in the future! :)
We had a wonderful experience on the retreat. Melissa was organized, accommodating and a beautiful person to connect with. She made the retreat exceptional. It was great to be surrounded with like minded people, we all felt we could easily open up and genuinely be ourselves. Not only did we get to see some of the great highlights of Peru, we also got to experience some genuine cultural experiences with the locals. My favorite part of the trip was interacting with small children at a new school. Most definitely an experience to have!
Melissa is way more than just a trip organizer, she goes above and beyond to connect people together and creates and atmosphere of open mindedness with other travelers, local people, and local experiences.
This trip was amazing. I felt such a deep sense of calm and relaxation the whole time, and it was all thanks to the incredible energy and care of the organizer. I would 100% go on another trip with Melissa. Thank you!
I highly recommend retreats with Melissa. She finds unique and beautiful places to stay and plans a perfect combination of education and adventure with time to relax if desired. I loved this trip to Peru which was a true Andes Mountains love affair.
Melissa and her partner Jason who ran the trip were wonderful. They took care of us all, looked after us and made sure we had a great time!
This is my third retreat with Melissa. She thoughtfully plans all elements of each trip so that we can truly experience the culture of the country we're in. There was ample downtime in between days of touring and I took advantage by visiting different towns on Lake Atitlan. Some highlights of this trip include: hearing the jungle wake up as we watched the sunrise on Mayan ruins in Tikal, learning to use a backstrap loom and weave my own scarf, attending a talk on indigenous rights, taking a cooking class which included a visit to the local market, seeing beautiful street art, and feeling like I stepped back in time in Antigua. I can't recommend Melissa's retreats enough and this trip to Guatemala, especially!
I can’t get over how great the tour was! Well organized and conducted with competence and compassion. For introverts, a good balance of activity and down time. Tour group was just the right size and Guatemala was beautiful, exotic, and interesting.
I had a wonderful experience. Food was spectacular, accommodations were all comfortable, the Guatemalan people were very friendly and welcoming. Very much enjoyed Melissa arranging for the group to experience the culture and the education provided by Rocky and Terry to share with the group. The visit to Tikal was memorable. To experience sunset and sunrise was over the top fabulous!! Totally wish we had, had another night there. Our tour guide Luis had wonderful energy and was very knowledgeable on not only the ruins and Mayan history, but the animals and plants. So wonderful!
It was a great trip with great comfortable and relaxing accommodation with delicious food. It was a great experience to share with like minded people.
This trip met my expectations and I will likely book again.
This trip was wonderful. A reboot for the soul with a nice mix of sightseeing and total relaxation. Melissa is a kind hearted person, great yoga instructor and so good at leading meditation. I plan to travel with her again in the future.
I can't say enough about Melissa (and Jason). I really appreciated their positive energy and relaxed teamwork throughout this trip. Their thoughtful, introvert/HSP friendly planning about the resort location, room mix, daily activities/schedule, food/diet considerations, and other logistics created a very positive group retreat experience. They even went the extra mile to help me out when my phone died completely on Day 2. This retreat was all I hoped for in unusual nature experiences, enjoyable connection with other HSP/Introverts, and some learning about Mayan culture/influences. I intend to sign up for future retreats by Melissa and recommend these unique trips wholeheartedly to others.
This was a fantastic experience. Melissa did a wonderful job of taking care of details, and communicating with the group. We had plenty of time to participate in group activities, and have quiet time for meditation as well. I would certainly consider another retreat with Melissa. Thank you!
Melissa, Awesome trip! I’ve been trying to describe my experience to people at home but words can not do it justice. Everyone should experience the beauty of Peru and it’s people. I am so thankful to have shared this trip with my closest friends and meeting new friends. I am looking forward to our next adventure!
Melissa is a very kind, compassionate person who is really good at what she does. For my first time traveling alone, I was in good hands. It was such a beautiful and peaceful retreat. Everyone accepted one other and you could just. be. I gained a lot of insight from the discussions which allowed me to reflect on myself in a kinder way. I would say I’m hooked on traveling now :) The incredible sights, the spirituality, the happiness and kindness of strangers — I loved it all. I’m realizing the benefits when you make the choice to travel in unfamiliar territory, you’re not quite the same person as when you first left. And that’s invaluable. Sometimes the desire is much greater than the fear. I recommend this retreat for new travelers as well as more experienced. You won’t regret it!
I had a great time! The food was delicious, the scenery was AMAZING, and the company was extraordinary! Thank you Melissa for creating such an amazing retreat! I am looking forward to joining you on another one in the future.
Thank you Melissa!!! Amazing, reviving, rejuvenating experience. Melissa is so caring, kind, and genuinely cares about everyone having a wonderful time on the trip (which we did!!) Excellent tour seeing all the sights in the Sacred Valley. Wonderful meditation and yoga in the mornings and thought provoking discussions in the evenings. I highly recommend Melissa and am looking forward to attending another one of her retreats in the future!!