I joined the HSP Support Circle on 10th July last. It was my first time. I felt very welcome & supported as an HSP. The support I received was, for the first time, valid for me because the group understood where I was coming from. I am very grateful for the work Melissa does in facilitating this Circle. Thank you.
By Maria B for HSP Support Circle w/ Melissa (July 10th) on 20 Jul, 2021
I only was able to see the first part with Geno, but she was amazing and knowledgeable, and I came away with things I could use with her herb remedies right away, definitely recommend.
By Jill R for Guatemala Virtual Visit w/ Geno & Anita on 05 Apr, 2021
I attended Sustainable Activism for Introverts and HSPs. We met on zoom for this workshop. This was a powerful presentation, presented simply and with generosity. There were opportunities to form small groups in the space so that we could share in a more intimate setting. We came away with knowledge, insight and the beginnings of a real world plan for sustained activism. Highly recommended!
By Elle D for Sustainable Activism for Introverts & HSPs on 01 Mar, 2021