Drexel, MO, USA

Tina Sprinkle
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20 reviews
Dec 6 - 8, 2024
Group size: 5 - 8
Drexel, MO, USA

Tina Sprinkle
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20 reviews

Dec 6 - 8, 2024
Group size: 5 - 8

About this trip

December 2024 Opening to Grace Retreat

Practice and Presence 

It's helpful to think that practice makes practice, rather than practice makes perfect. It is this core pillar of practice that is key in the understanding of how to achieve freedom through presence and grace.  

Practice can lead each of us to hone and improve our communication, not just with others, but with ourselves. As we clean up our thinking, we can become free from unnecessary suffering. 

And, as the saying goes, a drowning person cannot help another drowning person. So, in helping ourselves, we are then better set to help others. 

The Power of Words

Every single thought shapes and directs energy (Shakti) for there is power in words. The energy in words shapes our feelings and our state. We live in a matrix of words which creates our moment-to-moment experience of life, sometimes more than reality itself.

Monitoring how we are using words and language to expand or contract our awareness is something we can do through journaling. 

That's because keeping a journal is a transformational process. Journaling allows us to create a safe place to record and express our feelings, emotions, and deeply held desires. Keeping a journal helps us access the music and voice of our true emotions. How can we expect to create the life we want if we can't even the still voice of intuition within?

This retreat provides the opportunity for self-reflection via guided journal prompts and plenty of time for writing.

The Power of Silence

Whether you're just beginning a new meditation practice, you're an advanced practitioner looking for a deeper experience, or you find yourself somewhere in between, this retreat is designed to empower and deepen your practice.

By providing three meditation sessions daily, you'll be able to cultivate stillness in a way that makes you feel more present and alive. 

Tom is an excellent meditation teacher, skillfully weaving humor, storytelling, and music to uplift and inspire your practice at Timber Creek and beyond.

Contact, Alignment, and Flow

Universal energy exists in multiple forms everywhere. What we place attention on is the beginning of making contact with the energy we want. If we want to feel more peace, creativity, and grace, we must consistently align our inner state and behaviors with the chosen energy via practices that support this flow and energy. 

Movement, creative expression, stillness, and breathwork are all practices that give form and structure to our contact, alignment, and flow.

The Magic of Breathwork

What if there was a way to work with your body and mind to flip the clarity and relaxation switch?  What if there was a way to soothe yourself in challenging moments other than medicating with food, social media, and Netflix?

What if there was a scientifically proven practice to interrupt your body’s stress response to help you regain your sense of calm, focus, and joy? 

The good news is there is! And it’s something you do every moment of every day: It’s breathing! This retreat offers you simple, accessible, and effective breathwork patterns to open your airways and your heart. You won't believe how easy and fast you can feel grounded and calm.

THE 411

Join Health and Nutrition Coach Tina Sprinkle for an intimate three-day OPENING TO GRACE retreat amid the peace and luxury of Timber Creek Retreat House located just one hour south of Kansas City, Friday, December 6- Sunday, December 8, 2024.  Take this time to reflect on the past year and make space for new opportunities in the new year.


It starts with a "Yes."

We all know we need to take care of ourselves, but somehow work, errands, the laundry take precedence. Instead of owning that we’ve put ourselves last on our list, we agree with that small but persistent voice in our heads reminding us just of how miserably we’re failing.

It’s hard to create change when you feel empty.  

Intellectually,  we understand that self-care is not selfish; it’s self-preservation.  If we want to continue giving the best of ourselves to those we love, we also know we need to save a little more love for ourselves.


The problem is we never really learned how, so it's hard to make it a priority now.

Begin by saying yes to this retreat. Clear the weekend of December 6-8, 2024 (Friday to Sunday) and join an intimate group at the incomparably beautiful and peaceful Timber Creek Retreat House.

Located just an hour's drive south of Kansas City, Timber Creek Retreat House is set on 80 wooded acres, featuring luxurious accommodations, healthy, gourmet cuisine, meditation, massage, and more!

Immerse yourself in nature, embrace calm, and leave with mindfulness practices to change your mind and body from the inside out.

All you have to do is say YES.

Allow yourself to sink into the luxurious comfort and care of Timber Creek Retreat House. You’ll feel you’ve escaped to a magical and magnificent lodge in the woods.

Surrounded by forty acres of wooded trails and wildlife, Timber Creek is a refuge from life’s daily stresses, with no detail of your comfort overlooked. 

Take a nap in your king-sized bed, slip into a good book by a cozy fire, treat yourself to a massage or a lazy walk in the trees, or enjoy the serenity of the beautiful meditation room.

Timber Creek was conceived and created with one goal in mind: your comfort and well-being.

Retreat Yourself

Busyness is an addiction that robs us of our wholeness. Resting, reflecting, and retreating is a statement of our self-worth and value.

• Make time for healing.

• Make time for presence.

• Make time for grace.

Open up and make time for your light to shine. It’s needed in this world.

Questions?  Please email me at today!  

What’s included

  • Luxury Accommodations
    Private or Semi Private Rooms Available
  • Meals
    Personalized, Healthy Gourmet Meals
  • Meditation
    Guided Meditation Available 3x Daily
  • Daily Movement
    Daily Mindful Movement
  • Nature Walks
    Enjoy Timber Creek Retreat House’s 40 wooded acres for hiking and walking
  • Deluxe Journal
    A fabulous journal to begin or strengthen your practice

What’s not included

  • Massage
    Schedule a relaxing Massage
  • Spiritual Mentoring
    Spiritual counseling with Tom

Available Packages

Private Room
Available until November 29, 20247 left

Enjoy the beauty and solitude of your Retreat in your Deluxe Private Room.   

Your registration covers your private accommodations, workshop events, and all your meals.

The Breakdown:  Private room $215 per night (+ $399 retreat fee) 

Deposit: $500
Semi Private Room
Available until November 29, 2024only 2 left

Share the beauty of your Retreat with your bestie in your Deluxe Semi-Private Room. 


Your registration covers your semi-private accommodations, workshop events, and all your meals.

The Breakdown:  Private room $165 per night (+ $399 workshop fee) = 655 per person.

Deposit: $500


Friday, December 6, 2024

It only takes an hour to drive to Timber Creek from Kansas City but the moment you arrive you'll feel as if you're a world away.  You did it!  You made time for yourself and your fabulous life!

* 4:00 pm Arrive and settle in

* 5:30 pm Guided Meditation 

* 6:00 pm Dinner is served

* 7:30 pm Welcome Ceremony

Your Organizer

Tina Sprinkle
20 reviews
Tina Sprinkle has been a health and wellness leader for over 40 years. In addition to owning several small businesses, Tina serves as the health and fitness guru for KCLIVE, on KSHB TV in Kansas City. Tina created T School to inspire and help others create their best and healthiest lives. Using the power of nutrition, movement, and mindful practices, Tina offers health and nutrition coaching in person in Kansas City and on Retreats around the world. More info:


This was a wonderful trip. It was well organized in one of my favorite places : Mexico. the accomodations were comfortable and the personnel were incredible. It was what I was hoping for and more!
By josephine l for Reclaim Your Mojo in Magical Mexico! on Mar 21, 2023
Tina Sprinkle is so conscientious of every detail that benefits and delights her clients. This trip was no exception. The location, accommodations and services provided the ideal setting for a true physical and emotional transformation. I'm a healthier person with a renewed vision of myself going forward due to this trip experience.
By Connie C for Reclaim Your Mojo in Magical Mexico! on Mar 20, 2023
Thanks for saying yes Connie! It was my pleasure and honor to host!
By Tina Sprinkle on Mar 20, 2023
We had a great time! Wonderful people, delicious food, and beautiful scenery!! Thank you for this fantastic experience!
It was just what I needed. Tina was clear with everyone that we could participate or not as was right for us. I did expect more directed journaling. The group seemed more interested in higher energy laughter and conversation. I was able to meet my hopes by going my own way
By pati C for Yoga, Meditation & Journaling Retreat on Oct 18, 2022
I'm so glad you came and found what you needed! Thanks for saying yes!
By Tina Sprinkle on Mar 20, 2023
A soulful experience of meditation, body awareness, and connection with purposeful, reflective and accomplished women. Love, laughter, sharing, and caring in a nurturing and meaningful environment.
By Connie C for Yoga, Meditation & Journaling Retreat on Oct 18, 2022
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I just finished the fall women’s retreat at Timber Creek in Drexel MO with Tina. It was AMAZING! Timber Creek is a luxury location which provided the space to be open, honest and present. Would highly recommend it to ANYONE interested in introspection, good food and quality time with others. Do it.
By Laurie E on 10 Nov, 2019