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The Best Yoga Destinations For Every Month in 2017

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By Eva Casey

The Best Yoga Destinations For Every Month in 2017

So you’ve decided that 2017 is finally going to be the year you go on that yoga retreat you’ve always dreamed of. Or you’re a yoga retreat regular who is looking for a new destination to explore in 2017. Good for you! One of the most fun aspects of going on a yoga retreat is choosing where to go. The problem is, there are SO many amazing destinations to discover, no less do yoga in! That’s why WeTravel wanted to create a month by month guide to the best yoga destinations for every month in 2017. Also check out the handy infographic at the end of this post that you can share!

January – Costa Rica

Start the New Year off right with a Costa Rican yoga retreat in January. It’s no longer rainy season, and the Holiday peak season has ended. That means lots of fun in the sun!

Costa Rica is home to a wide-range of biodiversity – 5% of the world’s biodiversity, in fact! That’s just one of the reasons why people love to visit Costa Rica. It’s also home to world-class surfing, adventure activities and, of course, yoga! Costa Rica is emerging as one of the world’s top destinations for yoga. Yoga retreat centers are popping up all over the country, with a retreat to suit every yogi.

February – Cambodia

February in Cambodia is right in the midst of high season. Warm, sunny days will greet you on your yoga retreat. Plus, you’ll have a better chance of seeing a spectacular sunrise over Angkor Wat.

Cambodia is a wonderful place to combine the physical practice of yoga with seva, the act of charitable giving. If you’re looking to make 2017 a year of giving back, take a look at the special experience below. You will have the opportunity to spend time with academically bright girls who traveled to Siem Reap to live in the Ponheary Ly Foundation Girls’ Dormitory because they couldn’t receive secondary education at home. In addition, you will experience ancient ruins, night markets, cooking classes, and yoga of course!

March – Colombia

Colombia is a great pick for any month of the year, due to its’ varying landscapes – from mountains to sea. In the month of March you will have the option to experience Holy Week celebrations.

Coming in second place in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel for 2017, Colombia is a great pick for any month of the year. Take advantage of the varying landscapes of Colombia by going on a yoga retreat that incorporates time in the mountains with time by the sea.

April – Mexico

Mexico is a spectacular place for yoga year round. But April, in particular, is a great month to visit. You won’t be crowded with high season tourists, but the weather will be warm and dry.

Forget the Mexico you “think you know.” The Mexico that’s becoming more and more popular amongst yogis and yoga retreat goers is tranquil and soul-affirming. A far cry from the all-night ragers in Cancun, yoga-lovers are flocking to Mexico to take advantage of the magical atmosphere. From the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to the ancient ruins of Tulum, Mexico truly is the perfect yoga destination for 2017.

May – Jordan

Head to Jordan in May to experience the wonder of spring in the desert. Seeing Petra, the 7th wonder of the world, is awe-inspiring at any time, but May is the most pleasant month to visit.

Instead of sweltering to death under a boiling sun, May will see you enjoying warm days and cool nights. Plus, wildflowers blanket the desert, making for an unbelievable sight. Think Jordan is too risky a country to visit in 2017? Think again! Jordan is safe to visit and the people who live there will happily welcome you to their beautiful country.

June – Spain

Spain in the summer months can be hot and crowded. If you want to experience a yoga retreat in Europe, June is a beautiful month. Visit Spain just before peak season for natural and cultural beauty without the hassle.

Capitalize on the perfect weather by hiking to a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the Parque Natural Sierra de Grazalema. Traveling to Spain in June means that the hike into the mountains won’t be totally freezing, and on your return to flat land, you can take a dip in a pool. Plus, what makes for a better yoga view than the mountains rising in the distance?

July – Peru

South of the Equator, Peru’s winter lasts from May through September. It is actually the driest time to travel there! Book a yoga retreat to the mountains and take advantage of the magnetic energy.

If one of your bucket list items for 2017 is to trek Machu Picchu, why not combine it with a yoga retreat for maximum effect?

Peru is also known for ancient Shamanic medicine, which many tourists flock to Peru yearly to experience. Experience a Shamanic mountain cleanse the responsible way on a retreat where an experienced Shaman facilitates your journey.

August – California

Many people opt to visit in California August when hot, dry days meet comfortably cool nights. If you’re looking to do a yoga retreat in the mountains, some of the highest elevations are only accessible in summer!

And why not take advantage of California’s diverse landscape? A yoga retreat in August could see you basking in the warm sun of San Diego, hiking the scenic trails of the Sierra Nevada, or even exploring the urban streets of San Francisco. Whichever type of yoga retreat you desire in 2017, California has it all.

September – Croatia

The months before and after summer peak season in Europe are best to visit Croatia. In September, you will be able to enjoy adventure and water activities on your yoga retreat or simply relax in the sunshine.

September is the perfect time to visit Croatia on a yoga retreat because you’ll be able to take advantage of the world-class islands without so many tourists. Don’t leave Croatia without visiting the Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

October – Bali

October in Bali is technically beginning of the rainy season, but it won’t impact your yoga retreat too much. Occasional rains make Bali lush and green. Yoga in Bali is varied and abundant, a true all-star yoga destination!

Bali tops many people’s bucket lists, and it’s not hard to see why. From stunning beaches with surf-able waves to the picturesque rice terraces that dot the island, Bali is a true paradise. Whether you choose to go on a yoga retreat by the sea or near yoga-mecca Ubud, you can’t go wrong.

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November – Puerto Rico

Avoid holiday peak season on the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, and go on a yoga retreat in November. Take a quick getaway to ensure you go into the holiday season refreshed and relaxed.

Puerto Rico is the ultimate pre-Holiday destination for those from the USA. No passport required? Check. Quick and cheap flight from most major cities? Check. A diverse range of activities to keep you occupied? Check. Blissful beaches to lay on all day long? Check, check, and check!

December – Thailand

If you long for an idyllic retreat from the world, Thailand in December is the stuff of fantasies. Earlier in December amazing deals can be found, but if you book early enough Thailand is a budget friendly holiday destination.

Why does Thailand make the list of top places to go on a yoga retreat, year after year? It could be the islands with endlessly Instagrammable scenery. Or the deliciously cheap Thai food. Possibly the fascinating culture, with incredible Buddhist temples to see. Whatever the reason, Thailand will not disappoint.


yoga destinations for every month in 2017
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