11 Travel Destinations for the Ultimate Summer Vacation

June 9, 2017
Sonja Bolger
4 min read

Summer brings images of tropical beaches and cobblestone streets bathed in sunshine. Fresh fruit, aromatic wine and cheeses, sailing on turquoise waters and resting under shady trees in between hiking up hills.

So where are you going this summer? We have 11 top travel destinations for your ultimate summer vacation in the USA, and abroad. And you’re looking to book a wellness vacation and stay healthy while you’re traveling this summer, we have some of the best retreats for you too!

Colorado, USA

You don’t need to leave the USA to make the most of the summer, instead, make your way to Colorado’s ski towns in summer for beautiful days spent enjoying the outdoors. Hiking, kayaking, and rafting are just a few of the experiences you can have, followed up by a relaxing soak in the hot springs.


Warm, crystal clear waters hugging a rugged mountainous coastline and over a thousand islands are just waiting for you in Croatia. There are UNESCO World Heritage sites to be seen, adventures to be had on land and sea and delicious food to be sampled in the Eastern European country. Croatia is only growing in popularity!


Greece in summer is a dream destination for many. The fresh colorful cuisine will keep you well satisfied between exploring cobblestone streets lined with white and blue houses. The Greek islands offer a place of solace and relaxation in the summer, as well as an adventure playground of historic sites, water sports and hiking ventures.

Costa Rica

Land of rainforests, gorgeous beaches, and heart pumping adventure activities – what more could you want in a summer vacation? The best time to visit Costa Rica is actually in the dry season from mid-December to April, which is sometimes referred to as the “summer”. Plan a trip for later in the year to see the lush rainforests after the raining season, but enjoy the best of the sunny weather on the beaches. Although, you won’t be disappointed if you go in the rainy season either! Costa Rica is a really budget friendly yoga retreat destination, so plan in some time to enjoy all the benefits attending a retreat can bring!


Do we need to mention anything more than tapas in the sunshine? Dine al fresco with a Spanish wine and the quintessential tapas dishes after a day spent amongst historic streets, beaches or desert mountains. Andalucia is a particular favorite for the summer, with endless sunny days and a Moorish influence providing a point of difference to your vacation. The islands of Spain aren’t just about parties either. Get away from the main centers to experience island life as it should be, relaxing with stunning views across the sea.

Hawaii, USA

This volcanic archipelago makes a fantastic destination all year round because the weather is fairly stable. High season is when the weather is lousy everywhere else, so from December to May, so book your trip this summer for more affordable prices! You’ll be able to laze on beaches with sands of all different colors, hike along cliffs and through lavish forests and refresh yourself at stunning waterfalls.


This southern European country is a perfect summer travel destination. Visit the hidden coves and beaches situated amongst the cliffs of the Algarve at a time when the waters are their calmest and clearest. Journey north to the cities of Lisbon and Porto for a cultural experience and to sample some of the (often underrated) food and wine. Experience sea views from the height of the mountains and explore quaint villages in between.


The high season in Belize is during the dry season, from December to April, but if you’re interested in diving the Belize Barrier Reef then the best time to see this rich marine area is actually in summer when the waters are calmer. At any time of year, you can paddle board and kayak, or take a walk in the dense jungle in the west.


Famed for its architecturally beautiful cities, rolling countryside covered vines, orchards and flowers, beautiful beaches and alpine villages, France is certainly a summer destination to add to your list. Picture yourself strolling through vineyards and eating al fresco at a rustic wooden table, watching the sun set over the vines.


La dolce vita, or the sweet life, that’s what’s on offer in Italy every summer. Alpine meadows, cities bursting with historic monuments and museums, and the long Mediterranean coastline dotted with colorful towns and cities. You can be as connected or disconnected as you like in Italy, by getting out and exploring the environment or making your way around some of the most famous cities in the world.


Another contender for escaping the winter weather, the high season in Mexico is also from December to April, although if you’re further north you may not notice the rainy season as much, and there’s plenty of reason to visit Mexico at any time of year! Mexico is known for its diverse landscape, from sprawling cities to desert mountains and luscious jungles. You can visit ancient ruins in the morning and sun yourself on the beach in the afternoon. Devour bowls of fresh fruit or mouth watering guacamole, and sip on coconut water or freshly made lemonade. Check out some of the most affordable yoga retreats in Mexico to take advantage of one of the best retreat locations.

California, USA

With forests to the north and sandy beaches in the south, California isn’t just about Hollywood and Los Angeles. This progressive and populous state has plenty to offer those looking for a top summer vacation. There’s something for everyone in California from national parks to palm tree lined beaches. Check out the wine country, take a rafting trip to cool off, or find relaxation and refreshment on an affordable yoga retreat in California. Many of them are only a day or two, which is a great way to make your vacation even more memorable.

Are you inspired to take an ultimate summer vacation this year? Get a group together and organize it with our handy trip planning tool, or book yourself on a retreat in one of these top summer destinations!