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The Ultimate Yoga Gift Guide

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By Eva Casey

The Ultimate Yoga Gift Guide

Yoga Gift Guide

It’s here! The ultimate Holiday yoga gift guide for 2016! The Holidays are a time to reflect back on the previous year, giving appreciation for everything that came to pass. For many, the Holidays are also a time of giving. You don’t have to pile presents under the tree to have a Holiday season full of joy, though. Simply being present in the moment, even when Holiday stress takes hold, is the greatest gift of all.

Are you are gearing up for a crazy Holiday season complete with office parties and family get-togethers? Or do you prefer a simple, cozy Holiday with only close family or friends? This yoga gift guide will give you ideas for a wide range of yoga-related gifts. Whether you are buying for your entire squad or just for yourself, we hope you will find something special here.

This yoga gift guide has been divided into a few different sections. First, a yoga gift guide for a few different common types of yogis in your life. Then we are featuring some amazing yoga-related products, from mats to wearables. Yoga experiences will make your loved ones’ faces light up with glee! And finally, WeTravel recommends is full of our own personal product faves – we asked everyone from our yoga retreat organizers to the WeTravel team. Click below to skip to the section that is most helpful for your gift buying needs:

Ultimate Holiday Yoga Gift Guide

Yoga Gifts By Type of Yogi

Yoga Subscription Boxes

Yoga Mats

Yoga Bags

Practice Gear


Stocking Stuffers

Yoga Experiences

WeTravel Recommends

Yoga Gifts For Every Yogi In Your Life


Your Active BFF

You know the girl who heads straight from work to spin class to happy hour and doesn’t ever seem to break a sweat? She is always juggling about a million commitments but manages to look flawless while doing it. It’s hard to know what to buy this gal because she has a specific aesthetic. You can’t go wrong with these five stylish gift ideas! Or be the best BFF of all time and give the gift of a yoga retreat! Why not make it a bestie affair and go together?

yoga gift guide


Your Crunchy Coworker

Have a coworker who spends her breaks chugging kombucha instead of coffee and espousing the benefits of a plant-based diet? Does she take her two-week vacation in Peru going on a soul-seeking journey with the help of ayahuasca? These organic, free range, fair trade gifts are perfect for the new age hippie flower child in your life.

yoga gift guide


Your Yoga Loving Mother-in-Law

Ah, the Mother-in-Law, the hardest person on your list to shop for! If your Mother-in-Law happens to be into yoga, your job was just made easier. She will love these unique items chosen especially for her. Want to be the ultimate daughter or son in law? Send her on a yoga retreat! You can chip in with your partner to give her the rest and rejuvenation she deserves.

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The Yogi Dude

Have you spotted the elusive Yogi Dude? His man bun and toned arms might be a dead giveaway. He can talk with you about dharma and chakras for hours. But what does the Yogi Dude want for a gift this Holiday season? We have a few ideas for things he’ll be psyched to receive, including the surfing yoga retreat of his dreams.

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A New or Expecting Yoga Mom

The Yoga Mama (or expecting Mama) wants to share her yoga lifestyle with her little one. Help her do that by giving her yoga-related baby gifts! Or why not get her the gift of self-care and relaxation? Most Yoga Mamas don’t have a lot of time to spend on themselves, so taking the time for a prenatal or mommy & baby yoga class is precious. Want to give her a restorative pre-baby retreat? A prenatal yoga retreat could be just what she wants this Holiday!

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The Yogi Power Couple

Aren’t you envious of the Yogi Power Couple? They’re running the world one yoga class at a time. You’re invited to their Holiday party, but what to get the hosts that have everything? Think outside the box, and get them unique gifts for their home. Or, for an even more special gift, what about sending them away on a couples’ retreat? They will be thanking you for years to come!

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Your Yoga Teacher

Your yoga teacher has basically changed your life, so you want to get them something special. The only problem is, they’ve likely received every known yoga gift! Time to get creative. Here are a few options for yoga gifts your yoga teacher will never see coming. Buying for a loved one who also happens to be a yoga teacher? Give the gift of more training – they won’t believe it when you send them off to Nicaragua to learn how to become a SUP Yoga Teacher!

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The Yoga Beginner

Survey says someone in your life has either just started practicing yoga or is thinking about it. Show the Yoga Beginner that you support their new hobby with one of these thoughtful gifts. Or help them jump-start their practice by giving the gift of a yoga retreat!

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Monthly subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving! Perfect for someone important in your life, every month when they receive their box they will think of your generous gift. If you know someone who is into yoga or wellness, but you aren’t sure specifically what they would like, a subscription box covers a wide range of interests.

Yoga Gift Guide
BuddhiBox – $34.95/month

The Buddhi Box Yoga Lifestyle Box is ‘a yogi care package filled with deluxe samples and full-size yoga products that will inspire your yoga lifestyle on and off the mat.’ For either $34.95/month or $432/year you will receive products from candles to tea to beauty products. What’s more, a portion of your money each month will go to a different cause.

yoga gift guide
Goddess Provisions – $33/month

Goddess Provisions offers a monthly subscription box, filled with “high vibe lifestyle goods.” When you subscribe, you can choose to pay anywhere from $33 for a month-to-month subscription to three, six, and twelve months up front. Every box is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Each box contains “a mix of four to six full size products including: super food snacks, apothecary beauty, crystals, aromatherapy, tools for spiritual growth, and tea.”

yoga gift guide
Ashi Box – $35/month

Ashi Box is the entire yogic experience in a box. Each month, for $35/month, you will receive products from three distinct categories: Yoga Love, India Love, and Life Love. Yoga Love includes products and teachings to “support and deepen your yoga practice.” India Love is all about the country of yoga’s origins, with teachings and unique products from India. Life Love “includes life-enriching and joy-inducing products from smaller companies that are doing awesome things.” A combination of the three is sure to give you a well-rounded yoga experience directly to your door each month.

yoga gift guide
WEvolve Box – $20.95-49.95/box

WEvolve Box is a bi-monthly spiritual subscription box. It will provide you with “sacred objects and inspiration to create your own personal rituals and nurture your spirit.” You can choose between The Esoteric Box and The Cosmic Mini Box. The Esoteric Box includes 4-7 meaningful objects and a ritual or meditation, for $49.95 per box. The Cosmic Mini Box includes 3 of these items: a crystal or healing stone, a body or beauty product, jewelry or adornment, and/or another mystical item, for $20.95 per box.

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Wellness Tribe – $39.95/month

Wellness Tribe is “Your monthly subscription box of natural beauty products, superfood snacks, and healthy lifestyle items.” For your $39.95/month, you will receive 5-8 full-size products. With a new wellness theme every month (November focused around ‘gratitude’) you can expect a “mix of skin care, beauty, superfoods, snacks, herbal medicinals, healthy lifestyle items.” These boxes are also family-friendly. You can expect your little ones to enjoy treats like Organic spooky spider gummies and Yumbutter cashew butter.

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calmbox – $35/month

calmbox is the perfect monthly subscription box for the busy bee in your life. Boxes range from $35 for one box to $30 per box for six boxes. Every month you can expect “mindfully curated items like music, books, candles, personal care items, yummy snacks, motivational reminders, and so much more, to help you unwind and relax.”

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Enchanted Crystal – $58/month

Enchanted Crystal monthly box is a special subscription service for the crystal-obsessed. In the Premium Box you get 4-8 small to large natural crystals plus extra mini crystals and minerals. This box costs $58 each month. In a recent box, subscribers received a Madagascar Quartz Cluster, Spirit Quartz, Pyrite Cube in Matrix, Brazilian Clear Quartz and a few extra mini crystals.


Yoga Gift Guide
The Liforme Yoga Mat – $140

The Liforme Yoga Mat is changing the game in terms of yoga mat manufacturing. Made using sustainable rubber, without toxic glues or PVC, you can feel good about purchasing this yoga mat. And its’ grippy material, extra cushioning, and unique alignform system are what every serious yogi needs.

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Rainbow Traditional Magic Carpet Yoga Mat – $98

For any yogi who wants to live our their childhood dream of going on a “magic carpet ride” like Jasmine: the magic carpet yoga mat! This colorful mat will brighten up any yogi’s day.

Yoga Gift Guide
The Original Eco Yoga Mat – $76

Rated #1 environmentally friendly yoga mat by the New York Times, the The Original Eco Yoga Mat is a no-brainer. This mat is “composed exclusively of all-natural rubber and jute fiber. There are no chemical additives used.” But don’t worry that this mat is so eco-friendly that it will simply melt away in the heat. This yoga mat is extremely durable even in Bikram yoga classes.

 Yoga Gift Guide
Jaipur Practice Rug by Barefoot Yoga – $49

The Jaipur Practice Rug was the yoga rug of choice for Pattabhi Jois, founder of Ashtanga Yoga, a one of the most popular methods of yoga out there. As such, it is an excellent gift for your friend who has a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice. This yoga rug adds extra cushioning over your yoga mat to help absorb moisture and increase comfort. The Jaipur Practice Rug is also perfect for beginners, as the “woven lines in the pattern are guides for your hands and feet to help achieve correct alignment.” You won’t have to worry about gifting a basic yoga mat here, as each rug is uniquely hand-crafted.

Yoga Gift Guide
Combo Mat – Breathe by Yogadesign Lab – $49-68

This yoga mat from Yoga Design Lab is perfect for any yogi in your life who loves beautiful aesthetics. This is one of the prettiest yoga mats in our yoga gift guide. Besides looks, this yoga mat delivers the goods as well. This eco-friendly mat is biodegradable, recyclable, and made of 100% natural tree rubber with water based inks. It also grips better the MORE you sweat – no more slipping and sliding during sweaty power yoga classes! It is machine washable and comes complete with a carrying strap. Varying sizes of each design cater to your needs. The Combo Mat is studio sized, while the smaller Commuter and Travel mats are perfect for on the go and traveling yogis.

Yoga Gift Guide
My Custom Yoga Mat – $50

My Custom Yoga Mat is the perfect personalized holiday yoga gift. You are able to customize this yoga mat by color and even include an embroidered name or monogram. This mat could be an ideal gift for a young person in your life who has expressed interest in yoga. It’s also great for someone who takes classes in a studio, as the personalized touch ensures that no one will ever mistakenly take their yoga mat! If you’re not sure which color your gift recipient will prefer, leave it up to them! A gift certificate allows them to choose everything down to the font type. Each mat comes in its’ own bag.


Yoga Gift Guide
GO Play by Manduka – $32

The Manduka GO Play carrying sling is great for someone who likes to travel light. The external storage pocket is great for storing valuables like credit cards, keys, and your phone as you commute to and from yoga class. Another plus is that this bag adjusts to fit many different sizes of yoga mat.

Yoga Gift Guide
The Yoga Sak – $49

The Yoga Sak is the ultimate yoga bag. With a compartment for every yoga accessory you need for class, The Yoga Sak is the ideal gift for the on the go yogi. If the yoga lover in your life doesn’t have time to go from the office to home before yoga class, this bag will be their perfect companion. It has room to store everything they will need – from a yoga mat to toiletries to a water bottle.

Yoga Gift Guide
Yoga Tote by Apera – $119

Apera’s Yoga Tote can transform from yoga bag to weekend bag depending on the situation. Do you know someone who takes frequent weekend trips or yoga retreats? This bag could be their perfect lightweight solution. It’s also ideal for those who like to keep everything clean and sanitary. This bag features antimicrobial protection inside and out, and a water resistant base to prevent that stinky yoga bag smell.

Yoga Gift Guide
Yoga Go Anywhere Bag Mat Bag by Rovwe – $80

Do you have a yoga-obsessed mama or papa in your life? They will love the Yoga Go Anywhere Bag, that can easily function as a diaper bag! With clips to hold a yoga mat on the outside of the bag, they can easily attach and detach their mat for class. At the same time, this water-resistant bag “can handle any wet item you throw at them, and they’re super easy to clean and disinfect, any time.”

Yoga Gift Guide
Burrito Yoga Bag by Brogamats – $40

Looking for a cheeky yoga bag for the yoga bro in your life? Enter the Burrito Yoga Bag! This is a hilarious novelty gift for men who love yoga (and women too! Who doesn’t love a good burrito?) It functions perfectly as a yoga bag, along with being a great conversation starter. Brogamats has a whole line of quirky yoga bags, including lumberjack and ninja-themed ones.


Yoga Gift Guide
Three Minute Eggs – $18-$200

The Three Minute Egg is an amazing practice tool, similar to a yoga block. The egg shape combines the benefits of a yoga block with a bolster, belt, and blanket. You can choose any number of egg combinations. They come in two sizes – ‘Namastegg,’ the traditional size, and ‘Junior’ for children and less mobile yogis. The Three Minute Eggs also come in two different densities – ‘Multipurpose,’ for both restorative and standing poses, and ‘Hard Boiled’ for weight-bearing poses. You also have the option to buy ‘Eco Eggs,’ which are 100% biodegradable. Eggs are available for purchase in a multitude of packages, from a single egg to the ‘Breakfast of Yogis:’ a combination of 6 different Eco Eggs.

 Yoga Gift Guide
yogitoes glide by Manduka – $64

The yogitoes Glide towel is perfect to lay over a yoga mat during practice for a better grip. It is also an ideal gift for a yogi who travels a lot, as it doubles as a travel yoga towel. The Patented Skidless Technology helps your towel grip to either a mat or floor, while the absorbent fabric wicks away sweat. The yogitoes towel is made from 8 recycled plastic bottles and 50% recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly gift option.

Yoga Gift Guide
ECO Wheel by Dharma Yoga Wheel – $89.99

The Dharma Yoga Wheel “is used to help beginners and advanced yoga practitioners achieve backbends and loosen tight muscles before yoga class.” Do you have a yogi in your life whose life’s goal is to finally achieve full wheel? This yoga wheel can help them along the way! The Eco Wheel is environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled materials.

Yoga Gift Guide
YogaSphere™ Yogi Pro Kit – $29

The YogaSphere™ Yogi Pro Kit is an ideal gift for a yoga teacher or dedicated yogi. Each kit comes complete with 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large, and 2 extra-large YogaSphere™ yoga straps. For those working on binds either in class or at home, the YogaSphere™ straps will be an invaluable tool. You can track your progress by using smaller and smaller straps as you improve. As an added bonus, with each purchase of a kit, you will be contributing to a charity dedicated to “bringing yoga to underserved populations.”

 Yoga Gift Guide
YogaPaws – $44.95

Buying a gift for the intrepid yogi who doesn’t like to be confined to a classroom? YogaPaws could be the perfect gift! With YogaPaws, they will be able to do yoga literally anywhere their heart desires. “A revolutionary design provides solid support, extra padding, and non-slip peace of mind.” They can take their YogaPaws with them whether they are traveling the world or doing a yoga photo shoot in an urban setting. #WearYourMat



Yoga Gift Guide
Montpelier scarf by Yogasmoga – $55

The Montpelier Scarf is an ideal gift for a yogi who lives in a colder climate. There’s nothing worse than getting all warmed up in yoga class only to walk outside to frigid cold temperatures. Made of SONA® RAY jersey, a blend of Tencel and cashmere, this scarf is cozy and warm while wicking away moisture post-yoga class.

Yoga Gift Guide
Serenity Headband by Confused Girl in the City – $12

The Serenity Headband is printed with an image of a Turquoise stone. Traditionally a “stone of purification, it inspires solace for the spirit and well-being for the body. It benefits the overall mood and emotion by balancing and inducing a sense of serenity and peace.” Printed with water-based ink, this headband is eco-friendly, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

yoga gift guide
The Moon & Son Bandana – $17.99

The Moon & Son Bandana is a great gift for a yogi (male or female) whose head is always in the stars. This celestial bandana comes in the colors of navy, red, and blue.


Yoga Gift Guide
Satya Jewelry Courageous Beginnings Bracelet – $49

This beautifully simple Courageous Beginnings Bracelet by Satya Jewelry would make a wonderful gift. “A gold lotus flower dangles from this stretch bracelet, reminding us to take a chance on new beginnings; beads of angelite harness courage and deliver its wearer a sense of calming peace.”

yoga gift guide
Silver OM Earrings – $48

These Silver OM Earrings by Silver and Sage Jewelry are ideal for the understated yogi who wants to express their love of yoga. “Symbolizing the vibration that all living beings share, the om offers a reminder to practice compassion and empathy.”

Yoga Gift Guide
OM Necklace by Pranajewelry – $129

The OM Necklace by Pranajewelry is a beautiful sterling silver necklace with a layer of 98.5% pure gold. ”Its beautiful Labradorite pendant energizes our strength and perseverance to bring new changes. Om necklace is a gentle reminder we are all connected. Om is the sound of life, shimmering through the universe- providing life and sustenance to everything.   It reminds us to follow our dreams.”


yoga gift guide
Sandalwood Bracelet – $20

The Sandalwood Bracelet from Love Pray Jewelry is the perfect small holiday gift. This simple bracelet could be a gift for both men and women, made of aromatic sandalwood. “Sandalwood, guides away the distractions of the mind back to the sensual joy, opening the highest spiritual centers and aligning the chakras to enhance spiritual awareness and allowing healing energies to flow.” It comes in three different sizes!

yoga gift guide
Turquoise Presence Bracelet – $54

Tiny Devotions’ Turquoise Presence Bracelet (seen here at the top of the wrist) is sure to please anyone you give it to. At first glance this may look like a simple bracelet, but underneath it is strung with a Gold-Dipped Rudraksha Seed. “Rudraksha Seeds are believed to guide spiritual journeys and are known for their protective + healing elements. They are said to increase abundance and prosperity.”

yoga gift guide
Geode Agate Ring – $35

The Geode Agate Ring by Skye-Yoga is a statement piece for the boldly stylish yogi in your life. With your gift of this ring, they can carry with them the healing power of the agate crystal. Said to be a grounding crystal, agate will help balance the wearer.


Yoga Gift Guide
Mermaid Fairyqueen Teal Mermaid Tank and Hot Pant by teeki – $38-72

The Mermaid Fairyqueen Teal Tank and Teal Hot Pant are perfect for the girl who might as well live in the water. Help her live out her mermaid fantasies by buying her this outfit for yoga class. The breathable material allows her to feel weightless as she glides through water or chaturanga.

Yoga Gift Guide
Killer Caboose Legging by Soybu – $84

The Killer Caboose Legging Plus is the flattering yoga pant she has been waiting for! “This legging is crafted from our Power-FLEX compression fabric, which offers contour and shape in all the right places. Your back side will never look better!” In addition to the booty-boosting effect, these leggings also feature UPF 50 and breathable, wrinkle resistant fabric.

Yoga Gift Guide
Kelis vest by prAna – $85

Have a friend who enjoys doing SUP yoga? Gift them the Kelis Vest by prAna. It’s perfect for water sports! Whether they enjoy surfing, SUP or kayaking, they will love this stylish vest. This is a gift you can feel good about, too, as it’s made of 55% recycled polyester.

 Yoga Gift Guide
Boot-Cut Dress Pant Yoga Pants by Betabrand – $78

You know that lady who, when not getting her namaste on, is a corporate #girlboss? These dress pant yoga pants are the perfect gift. She will be able to take a break in her corner office to do a quick sun salutation without having to change.

Yoga Gift Guide
Vesta Jacket by Cozyorange – $78

The Vesta Jacket from Cozy Orange Eco-Activewear is a cozy but stylish gift for that friend who basically lives in her yoga gear. This hoodie is breathable and pre-shrunk. Plus, it comes with thumb hole sleeves!

yoga gift guide
Split Tail Hoodie & Flow Capri by Earth Yoga – $48-68

Made by Earth Yoga Sustainable Organic Clothing, the split tail hoodie and flow capri are the perfect pair. This set is easy to mix and match with other items in her yoga wardrobe or to wear together for a cohesive look. With four-way stretch, these two items will quickly become part of her go-to arsenal.

 Yoga Gift Guide
Joy Leggings by Confused Girl in the City – $72

The Joy Leggings by Confused Girl in the City are just the gift for the yogi who likes to make a statement. Printed from images taken of various stones, these leggings are colorful and, well, downright joyful! Anyone who rocks these is sure to be the life of the party.


Yoga Gift Guide
Dharma Yoga Pants by Ohmme – $82

These Dharma Yoga Pants are comfortable, adjustable pants for any yoga class. They can be pulled up to 3/4 length to allow for more breathability, or down to retain warmth. These pants come in black, blue and gray and are appropriate for a multitude of situations. He will love these versatile yoga pants!

Yoga Gift Guide
Jersey Tank by Alo Yoga – $42

Have a male yoga lover in your life? This Jersey Tank by Alo is the perfect gift. It’s stylish and comfortable while still expressing his love for all things yoga. Help him keep cool and comfortable on his winter vaca with this tank top.

Yoga Gift Guide
Deity Tee by Anjali – $39

The Deity Tee by Anjali is an understated t-shirt that still allows him to show his yoga-flair. It features Ganesh, remover of obstacles, with the head of an elephant and body of a man. This t-shirt is pre-shrunk and made of eco-friendly materials.

yoga gift guide
Jedi Hoodie by Seed of Creation – $160

The Jedi Hoodie is a gorgeous gift to give. With a Sri Yantra Tantra print on the front and a Bird Tribe Activation print on the back, it’s sure to be a conversation starter. Made with crystal infused inks on on 100% organic French Terre, this is a unique gift that will leave him speechless.

yoga gift guide
JD Knicker by prAna

The JD Knicker is a supportive yoga pant for the serious yogi. Made of 90% recycled polyester it’s an eco-friendly choice for your favorite male yogi. These pants aren’t going anywhere as he moves from sun salutation to savasana.

yoga gift guide
Orphic Yoga Tank by Yoga For Men – $98

This tank top by Yoga For Men allows your guy to show off his carefully sculpted yoga arms. This tank top is special because it’s made of a material that doesn’t allow your shirt to ride up when upside down. This means that his shirt will stay firmly in place during shoulder stand.

yoga gift guide
Core Capri by Onzie – $62

Who says men can’t have fun with their yoga pants, too? These skull leggings by Onzie are for a man who’s not afraid to play. He won’t have to sacrifice function, though, as these leggings are made from full flex spandex.

Stocking Stuffers

yoga gift guide
Inspiration Notebook by Easy Tiger Co – $15

An inspirational notebook is a perennial yogi favorite.

yoga gift guide
Gemstones & Crystals – $1.95-$29.95

Individually or together, crystals and gemstones make the perfect stocking stuffers!

yoga gift guide
Aroma Roots Massage Oil – $13

Massage oil is a great small gift for your partner or lover.

yoga gift guide
Himalayan Salt Lamp – $22

This mini-Himalayan Salt Lamp perches on a bedside table and keeps the bedroom a peaceful place for your favorite yogi.

Yoga Gift Guide
Bodhi Eye Pillow by Barefoot Yoga Co. – $22

Perfect for use during savasana to block out light and add to the serene feel. Also useful for decompressing after a long day.

yoga gift guide
Yoga Cookie Cutters by Yummy Yogi – $2.50-40

These yoga cookie cutters are sure to be a hit! When your friend or loved one bakes their vegan, gluten-free cookies they will be thinking of you.


What’s even better than a tangible yoga gift? An experiential yoga gift! It’s been proven that we get more satisfaction out of an experience than buying some hot new item. So why not give your loved one the gift of an online yoga class or even a 200hr teacher training? It will be a holiday gift they remember always!


By giving someone a subscription to online yoga classes, they can practice from anywhere at any time. Subscriptions run from monthly to yearly subscriptions. Classes run the gamut, with every topic you could ever hope for being covered in an easy 5-120 minute class. Here are our recommendations:



Want to give an experiential yoga gift, but tight on money? A yoga workshop is shorter and usually more affordable than a yoga retreat. But it’s still a thoughtful way to show you care!

Does the yoga lover in your life need to take a deep breath? This Pranayama (the practice of breath in yoga) workshop in Costa Rica is the perfect gift. In this three-day workshop, they will learn all about the breath. In addition, if they are a yoga teacher they will be able to earn 12 CE credits.

What’s better than doing yoga? Doing yoga on a horse! In this four-day course, you will “learn how to use guided meditation and yoga pranayama and asana practices to connect with horses and advance your own journey towards self-awareness.”

This one day course in Muir Beach, California is all about sleep. Know someone who is always complaining about a lack of quality sleep? This workshop will teach them “how to cultivate an appropriate night time routine for your lifestyle.” Practice Yoga Nidra and learn how to make sleep-inducing nighttime treats. This beginner-friendly workshop makes a great gift.

A weekend-long workshop all about mindful eating is the perfect gift to give someone in your life who doesn’t have a lot of time to spare on elaborate meals. Maybe the on-the-go parent you know or your workaholic niece? The best part about this workshop is that you get to learn WHILE eating delicious organic meals made on-site at Mayacamas Ranch!


Do you know the best gift to get? The gift of knowledge! If you’re looking to give a loved one a really special gift this Holiday season, a yoga teacher training could be the perfect option. Of course, it’s a very personal choice which YTT to choose. So maybe you’re better off surprising them with the idea of a yoga teacher training, and then they can pick for themselves. Here are a few amazing options to suggest:

Service (or seva) is an important component of yoga. Integrate that concept fully by attending this Shakti Women’s Empowerment Yoga Teacher Training. Held in Uganda, a percentage of your fee enables four Ugandan women to join the training. You will also have the opportunity to complete a service project with Wori, a women’s rights initiative in Jinja, Uganda.

Dig deep into the teachings of yoga in this 200hr teacher training in beautiful Nicaragua. This is a well-rounded program, including more than just the basics. You will also learn all about “pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda and lifestyle practices as well as basic and modern understandings of ancient texts and mythology.”

yoga gift guide
200hr Yoga Alliance Baja Yoga School in La Ventana, Mexico March 9th-27th, 2017 – $3,120

This fully-inclusive yoga teacher training in La Ventana, Mexico is the perfect way to escape the everyday while learning new skills. Over 17 nights and 18 days you will “dive deep to further your understanding of life and yoga.” All the while you will be fueled by three organic meals per day, included in the price of your teacher training.

Surrounded by a community of like-minded people, in the warm embrace of the natural surroundings of Costa Rica. That is how you will spend your 200 hour yoga teacher training at Papa Pochote with an amazing roster of teachers. Are you ready?

On this 22-day yoga teacher training you will be learning how to teach Jai yoga, “a dynamic and breath-based Vinyasa Flow coupled with contemplative wisdom from the yoga sutras and many sources of eastern philosophy.” In addition, you will be located in the charming beachside community of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Add 3 vegetarian meals per day and a Yoga Alliance certification at the end and you’re ready to teach!

Looking for a unique yoga teacher training? What about the yoga and horses 200 hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica? Not only will you learn about Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha and Shivananda, but you will also have “workshops on acro yoga, trazpeze yoga, chair yoga, pool yoga and yoga with our yogi horse herd.”


What to get for the person who has all the “stuff” they could ever want? A yoga retreat! Allow them the opportunity to escape for a few days, or even a few weeks. Give them the gift of rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. It is a Holiday gift with the true spirit of the Holidays in mind – selfless giving.

Fulfill your loved one’s ultimate bucket list fantasies and gift them the trip of a lifetime! This 8-day, 7-night journey to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador offers the chance to hike into cloud forests, see all sorts of amazing wildlife, and of course yoga classes with the incomparable Jennifer Thorne.

A weekend away is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. On this retreat, it’s all about pleasure. You will eat nourishing vegetarian food, drink local wine with dinner, and write all about your dreams and aspirations. Sonia Roberts will lead you in this journey at Sagrada Wellness, a retreat center just outside of San Luis Obispo.

Nothing completes a yoga retreat like hot springs! Journey to the Sierra Hot Springs in California for “a weekend of renewal and relaxation.” Days will include yoga and meditation classes, hiking, and dips in the hot springs. In the evenings, participate in a reiki healing circle. This affordable yoga retreat allows the option for you to bring a tent and sleep beneath the stars!

yoga gift guide
Yoga, Reiki, Beach, and Nature Retreat in Costa Rica August 13th-19th, 2017 – $1,188

Costa Rica, steps from the beach, is the setting for this yoga retreat. Using the power of reiki and yoga, your retreat leader, Christie Pitko, will guide you to the deepest levels of relaxation. Held on the beautiful Playa Grande in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, you will also get the chance to go on an estuary tour!

Give the gift of transformation when you send someone on this Journey to Peru. Machu Picchu is known to be one of the world’s greatest wonders. On a yoga retreat to this majestic beauty, you will also get to experience the culture of an ancient civilization. Explore traditional Peruvian ceremonial practices. All the while, your guides Rian Bodner and Hannah Gruber will lead you in yoga classes to integrate the experience into your body.


Shirley Johnson, yoga teacher and retreat leader recommends:

yoga gift guide
Resonance Apothecary – Plant Spirit Medicine
yoga gift guide
Chiquita Brujita x Brooklyn Brujeria Power Prayer Candles – $10
yoga gift guide
CanDid Art Accessories
yoga gift guide
The Moon Deck Set – $60

Sonia Roberts, a WeTravel retreat leader, recommends Yuni Beauty’s Muscle Recovery Gel for soothing sore muscles. She also loves their aromatic Body Mist and Active Calm Moisturizer.

yoga gift guide
Muscle Recovery Gel by Yuni Beauty – $15

Jenna Maryn Mitchell agrees with Sonia about the muscle recovery gel, and adds that she is obsessing over Alo Yoga wearables and Chattra for India-inspired gifts.

yoga gift guide
Alo Yoga Wearables
yoga gift guide
Chattra Yoga Gifts

Melina Meza loves a good inspirational book, and recommends both To Bless The Space Between us by Kph O’Donohue and Consolations by David Whyte.

yoga gift guide
To Bless The Space Between us by John O’Donohue and Consolations by David Whyte

Another WeTravel retreat leader, Jennifer Thorne, highly recommends Penny Lane Organics for beauty care, especially their natural deoderant – it really works!

yoga gift guide
Penny Lane Organics

Danae Robinett, who organized a recent yoga retreat on WeTravel, swears by Banyan Botanicals’ products!

yoga gift guide
Banyan Botanicals

Michael Kuang recommends this for a “super yogi equipment starter pack:” a “Hydroflask insulated bottle and Manduka mat, a good support block, a nice yoga strap and throw in some designer towels or blankets and perhaps a light set of dumbbells.”

yoga gift guide
A Hydro Flask and Manduka Mat

Pia, WeTravel’s Director of Yoga Happiness, recommends doTERRA essential oils. She says, “one essential oil is cool if you need quality sleep.”

yoga gift guide
doTERRA Peace Touch Reassuring Blend – $24

Jen Corley, WeTravel’s Director of Yoga Development, recommends gifting a subscription to It’s a simple mindfulness meditation app that comes in handy on stressful days.

yoga gift guide Subscription – $4.99-299.99

So there you have it, our ultimate yoga gift guide for the Holidays. We hope that you have found something that your loved ones will enjoy! If you have a yoga gift recommendation, leave it below in the comments. Have a very happy and blessed Holiday Season.

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Article by Eva Casey

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